Is the Landyachtz Dinghy Any Good? – 2023 Update

Since established on the scene in 2000, the stylish, yet simple, Landyachtz Dinghy has become a staple in many skaters’ arsenal not only as a means of transportation but also for tricks! Advertised and styled after a classic cruiser board, the Landyachtz Dinghy does so much more. Dinghys are short, wide boards with a steep raised tail section and slightly raised nose section, like a classic skateboard. While Landyachtz offers many different models of cruiser boards, the Dinghy is by far the most popular.

Choosing to grab your Dinghy to get around a college campus or cruise around a city park is a great alternative to hopping in the car and is undeniably more fun! What better excuse to get outside on a sunny day than taking the Dinghy for a cruise? Specially made trucks and wheels ensure a smooth ride through any and all terrain. With many different shapes, colors, and graphic options, Landyachtz is sure to have the perfect Dinghy for you just itching to be put in your shopping cart and taken for a ride.

Who is Landyachtz?

Landyachtz is a skater-owned and run company whose mission is to provide all types of skaters with next-level equipment for whatever their vice may be. From racing down hills at top speeds to mellow cruises with friends, riders can feel confident that the board and components beneath their feet are up to the task.

Landyachtz handpicks all the trees that are considered to produce the decks, only using the best Canadian Maple they can get their hands on. Each deck shape offered by Landyachtz serves a specific purpose, and the Dingy is no exception. Landyachtz strives to create innovative technology to meet the ever-changing expectations and safety standards of racers. With some downhill racers reaching speeds exceeding 60mph, it’s imperative to have the right equipment. Landyachtz welcomes the racing community with open arms.

If you have ever visited a local or big-name skate shop, you are sure to have seen a cruiser or two from Landyachtz on the board wall. Unlike many other brands of skateboards, Landyachtz takes great pride in their complete deck setups by producing each part (trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, grip tape, and of course the deck itself) in-house to meet their high expectations.

Is the Landyachtz Dinghy Any Good

Why the Dinghy?

Simply put, the Landyachtz Dinghy can do it all. The relatively short length, just over 28.5”, makes it the perfect size for both young and old enthusiasts to quickly become comfortable riders. The Dinghy can also be stored almost anywhere, a car trunk or locker is no match for this beast! While all the parts for the Dinghy are available separately, Landyachtz retailers often offer the complete setup in a budget-friendly package. Purchasing a complete Dinghy can save you the stress of having to pick and choose each individual component while saving you money in the long run!

The Landyachtz Dinghy is constructed from 7 plies of Candian Maple, those handpicked gems we mentioned before, for the perfect amount of durability and flexibility. Unlike plastic cruiser boards, wooden decks will not sag or become droopy from extended use. Divots carved out above each wheel help prevent wheel bite when taking sharp curves, a must-have when paired with Landyachtz all-terrain wheels! If you are interested in popping the occasional trick or two or maybe carving the local concrete bowl, the Dinghy may be the perfect cruiser for you.

Because of the raised tail and nose section, experienced riders can perform simple or intricate maneuvers and tricks. Leaning your weight slightly forward or backward while lifting the opposite end of the skateboard off the ground, known as a “manual”, is usually the first trick Dinghy lovers experiment with. This then leads to wanting to learn more tricks and the Dinghy can suffice! The Dinghy’s wide body provides maximum stability, a trait welcomed by high-speed hill bombers and novice riders alike. 

To sum it all up, we definitely believe the Landyachtz Dinghy is a great purchase for any skater’s arsenal. 

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The Landyachtz Dinghy vs Other Cruiser Boards

There are many differences between the Landyachtz Dinghy and other types of cruiser boards but the one word that comes to mind is simply versatility! You would be hard-pressed to find another cruiser board that fulfills as many needs as the Dinghy does. In our opinion, this makes the Dinghy one of the best skateboards for cruising. The Dinghy is smaller than typical cruiser boards which makes it easier to maneuver while still having enough space for adults. The wide deck size and equivalent-sized trucks give skaters the option of grinding ramp coping, rails, or flat bars for skateboards.

With many cruiser board setups costing an arm and a leg just to get started, the Landyachtz Dinghy does things differently. Although there are many different styles of complete Dinghy boards, they are all priced to keep things uniform and easy to afford. And, not to mention, their sleek shape and demeanor are sure to turn heads when you roll up to the park.


Is the Landyachtz Dinghy good for beginners?

Absolutely! As we have mentioned before, the Dinghy is just over 28” making it the perfect size for skaters of all ages and sizes. Full-grown adults and kids will have no problem with the deck size as they grow and progress in their abilities. Cruiser boards are a great introduction to the skate scene as they are extremely stable and easy to stand on. The Dinghy is wider than a typical skateboard and is intended to be used with larger polyurethane wheels (60mm and above), but can house normal-sized skateboard wheels if you so please.

Skateboards can be a bit tricky for beginners to get the hang of, but not the Dinghy! Just tie up your shoes, grab a helmet, and hit the streets! For those that are completely new to the skate scene, purchasing a complete Dinghy setup is the best way to go. Not only does Landyachtz include everything you need for a complete board, but they also ship all their Dinghy completes pre-assembled and ready to shred right out of the box. The Dinghy grows with you throughout all stages of experience levels, from beginner right up to “professional”.

Are all Landyachtz Dinghy the same?

While all Landyachtz Dinghy are crafted only using high-quality hand-picked Canadian maple, there are subtle differences between one and another. Landyachtz knows all people are different, so of course, they offer their world-renowned Dinghy in multiple shapes to suit all style preferences! The Dinghy Blunt, for example, features a slightly wider front end to aid in stability while allowing the rider to focus more energy on the front truck for taking sharper turns.

Landyachtz also offers the Fender version of their classic Dinghy shape. Decks with the Fender tagline feature larger carved-out divots to accompany larger-sized wheels. If you enjoy a silky-smooth ride without having to worry about getting caught up on rocks and other debris, the Fender line of Dinghy paired with Landyachtz’ 72mm Plow King wheels makes an unbeatable pair.

Not only does Landyachtz offer the Dinghy in many different shapes and sizes, but they also have a wide variety of graphic and color options. You can mix and match all your cruiser board components to match your specific interests. Many of the graphics Landyachtz implements in their product line have significance within the company or their values, such as the Dinghy Fender Dump Truck cruiser board, a respectable tribute to their beloved office cat.

Can you Ollie on a Dinghy?

The Ollie is just scratching the surface of tricks you can do on a Dinghy! The raised tail section makes it extremely easy to pop an Ollie up a curb or over a crack in the sidewalk, especially if you already know how to perform one! The small size of the Dinghy, typically 3” shorter than a skateboard, may be difficult at first to get the hang of doing Ollies but as they say, practice makes perfect! Once you have mastered the ollie, the world is your oyster!

The Ollie is one of the best skateboard tricks for beginners to learn, or cruiser board for that matter, but is arguably the most fun to perform. Nothing beats that feeling of snapping the tail against the pavement, sliding your front foot up towards the nose of the board, and defying physics as the skateboard sticks to your feet as you jump into the air. The Dinghy is made with all skaters in mind, versatility is the name of the game. Having to get off your Dinghy to step onto a curb just didn’t sit right with Landyachtz, they wanted to make a true all-terrain monster capable of conquering all obstacles that stood in its way.

Is the Landyachtz Dinghy good for carving?

As we have mentioned before, the Landyachtz Dinghy can do it all and carving is no exception! Landyachtz knew right off the bat that they couldn’t make this great of a cruiser board and leave the carving enthusiasts in the dust. It’s rare to have a cruiser board that covers all the bases for a good time, the ability to do tricks, comfortable ride, and carving capable, but the Dinghy somehow achieves it. Sanded-out wheel wells allow the rider to not only use larger-sized wheels but also loosen their trucks for seamless carves back and forth down the road or around steep bowl corners.

Riders can “carve” by leaning all of their weight to one side of the board making the board turn in that direction, and then switching sides to make the board turn in the opposite direction. Carving is not only fun, but it can also help you maintain a safe speed when bombing hills without having to put a foot down or lean back onto the tail to slow down. Landyachtz also produces styles of their Dinghy specifically with carving in mind, such as the Dinghy Blunt, that allows the rider to exert more energy towards the front of the board for tight carves.

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