Best Longboard Grip Tape for 2023 (Top Brand Reviews)

You could have the best, most expensive longboard in the world – and it would be meaningless without $15 worth of grip tape. Gripping the board is accomplished almost entirely by gravity and friction, which means if your tape is worn or absent, then you’re simply not gripping the board. Even if you say you are, we would argue “not as well as you could be,” as gravity is holding you down more than you are holding the board. In fact, ask any experienced skateboarder (if you are an experienced skateboarder, you already know) whether tricks are easier to do after putting on some new grip tape.

Grip tape is so important we had our review team spend some time looking at an assortment of the best longboard grip tape on the market and sort out “what’s what”. Below, you’ll find our review of 7 of the best-selling, best-reviewed grip tapes available today.

For your convenience, we’ve laid the info out in an easy-to-read table that you can skim and find what you’re looking for quickly. If you’re interested in learning more about the specifics of these grip tapes – you are in luck! We have put all the information online about the best longboard grip tape in one convenient place:

7 Best Longboard Grip Tape Options

Manufacturer Dimensions Pros Cons
[1] BooTaa 10.6” x 45.2” Larger than avg. sheet size 3rd-party import (generic)
[2] ZUEXT 11″ x 44″ Larger than avg. sheet size 3rd-party import (generic)
[3] Diamond Supply Co Grizzly 9” x 33” Pro-grade quality, 5-star cust. svc. Some don’t care for the bear cutout
[4] Jessup Single Sheet 11” x 44” Trusted brand None
[5] Black Diamond 10″ x 48″ Large sheet size, excellent traction Tough on shoes
[6] Mob Grip 9” x 33” Industry leading brand, applies easily, long lasting Tough on shoes
[7] Grizzly Stamp Print Black/Red  9” x 33” Bold aesthetics, pro-grade quality Higher quality and signature series translate into higher prices

*We recommend adding special instructions to all grip tape orders that the product be loosely rolled and shipped in a cylinder marked FRAGILE in order to avoid creasing. Immediately return any creased products, do NOT try using them.

[1] BooTaa Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet


  • Manufactured with hundreds of almost invisible perforations that allow air to escape for an easy, bubble-free application.
  • High-strength & High-Quality –  Designed using a Silicon-Carbide grit-binding process for a longer-lasting grip.
  • An industrial-strength adhesive backing that doesn’t peel off in extreme heat or cold.
  • Simple, clean application with BooTaa’s waterproof and tear-proof backing that trims cleanly every time. 
  • The generous size of 45.2″ x 10.6″(115x27cm) is cut large enough to fit most electric/gas, youth/adult scooters, longboards, and electric longboards as well as skateboards, of course.
  • This high-friction grip tape can also be used in other applications requiring more gripping ability, such as steps, stairwell landings, handrails, firearms, etc.
  • Each piece is rolled by hand to prevent creasing or wrinkling and then packaged individually to ensure it stays that way.

If you’re looking for an affordable grip tape that is good quality and has a fairly aggressive sandpaper feel, this could be a winner for you. An excellent choice for tuning up an old hand-me-down or upgrading a new ride, this is a grip tape that offers a nice bite without costing a ton of money. 

BooTaa uses a silicon-carbide abrasive bound in resin to create a very durable and aggressive grip; compared to sandpaper it would be ~100-200 grit. This is then backed with an industrial-strength adhesive that is sure not to peel even in conditions of extreme cold or heat. And while the true thickness of sandpaper-style grip tape is somewhat variable due to the abrasive, this grip tape stays around 1mm – 1.5mm – a healthy sheet that is easy to cut and contour but isn’t so delicate that it tears accidentally when you don’t want it to.

What’s more, between the affordability and generous size of this sheet, it’s an excellent choice for other things you might want a better grip on, aside from your longboard. Whether you plan ahead and save the remnants from your longboard tune-up or you buy a second sheet for that DIY project, this is a great affordable choice.

[2] ZUEXT Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet


  • Sized at 11″ x 44″, this sheet is large enough for virtually all longboard decks as well as electric or gas scooters or anything else you need extra grip on. 
  • A great value that brings durable grip tape at an affordable price.
  • Hundreds of micro-perforations aid in achieving a bubble-free application.
  • OS780 Adhesive Material is the industry standard for reliable deck adhesion

Zuext Grip Tape is an import brand that buys in bulk and redistributes commercially. This translates into significant savings for you, as this process allows you to get a good-quality grip tape at an incredibly affordable cost. 

This product is almost identical to the previous selection from BooTaa, and honestly the two companies’ strategies are identical as well. These aren’t skate shops that have evolved along with the skating industry to offer products they base their reputation on – these are wholesalers that are buying and reselling.

There’s nothing wrong with that; we only bring it up to reinforce the importance of using a review such as this one to ensure you are getting their product at bottom-dollar prices and not wasting money. Our review team felt that there were a number of options available for the same price, such as the Black Diamond sheet, that offer similar or superior performance for an even lower price.

The Zuext Grip Tape Sheet is an example of the industry’s most commonly applied grip tape. This is the same grip tape that is going to be on any skateboard or longboard that isn’t a designer brand. If you’re looking for grip tape that forgoes the frills in exchange for affordability, check out this Zuext longboard grip tape sheet.

[3] Diamond Supply Co Grizzly Grip Tape


  • Hundreds of barely visible perforations allow air to escape for bubble-free application. Professional Grade Griptape made by Diamond Supply Co. Measures 9×33 inches.

Diamond Supply Co. is a skateboarding company that started in the later 1990’s in San Francisco, California. As the skateboarding industry evolved, Diamond Supply Co. has been at the forefront of the skating subculture’s fashion and design scene. Offering a wide variety of clothing and apparel in addition to their lineup of skateboards, bearings, and grip tapes has kept them both profitable and salient to the industry.

Why does any of this matter to you? Well, it all translates into them having a reputation to keep. It can be safer spending money with an established brand. Sure, sometimes a product has an issue. It could be something you did during the application, or the result of poor craftsmanship on the vendor’s end. The difference is a company like Diamond Supply has the longevity to stand behind their product and make it right.

As you’d expect from such a long-standing brand, this is a high-quality cut of professional-grade grip tape. The abrasive is fine enough to make a clean presentation but coarse enough to provide excellent grip in all styles of longboarding. At 9” x 33” it is a touch shorter than most competitor’s offerings, so double-check it will suit your needs before ordering. Additionally, this product features a die-cut “bear” that serves as a brand logo – you can leave the cutout in place to make it less prominent. 

The biggest issue we saw in researching the reviews was with the tape peeling up shortly after application. The complaint didn’t present often enough to merit any real concern over the product; it is most likely improper application procedures on the customer end. Follow all instructions to the letter, and when in doubt use a hair-dryer on it, and you should be fine. If you do end up having issues with peeling and don’t want to start over, consider an industrial spray adhesive as a band-aid.

[4] Jessup Single Sheet Griptape


  • Jessup was the first company to bring silicon-carbide abrasives to the skateboard industry. 
  • Jessup has been manufacturing grip tape for the skateboarding industry since 1975; that is over 32 years of experience specifically making high-quality grip tape.
  • With their tape on over 25 million decks, their grip tape is on more boards than all other grip tape brands – combined.
  • Jessup tape features laminated and solvent-based, adhesive layers that are pressure sensitive to create semi-permanent bonding to all boards in any environment.
  • The proprietary Silicon-Carbide Grip Formula conforms easily to all deck concaves, is simply trimming out, and doesn’t tear accidentally like other tapes.

Jessup is another sandpaper-type grip tape, which is the most common variety, of course. The grit is aggressive enough to provide a good response at high speed or when carving, without tearing shoes up too badly. If you’re looking for a “Goldilocks” grip tape that is well-balanced, check out this sheet from Jessup Griptape.

Jessup has been making grip tapes for the industry since before there was an industry; it stands to reason they know a thing or two about it. 

At 9” x 33”, you’ll want to make sure it covers as much as you need it to, though this is an ample enough size to suit most longboard styles. Our team’s study of the product reviews turned up the packaging to be the biggest issue, as opposed to any kind of quality defect.

Our recommendation in this regard is to leave clear instructions on ordering to roll the product, and not fold it. State clearly that you will inspect and return any product that is folded, on delivery. This should be enough to remind a busy shipping staff to handle your product appropriately, and if not, follow through on the ultimatum and return the product. 

[5] Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet


  • Superior grip from the aggressive 80 grit surface is perfect for downhill carving, freestyle tricking, or commuting busy throughways 
  • Easy-peel backing allows for an incredibly simple application – simply prep your longboard deck, peel, stick, and trim. 
  • Very generous 10” x 48” is suitable for all longboard styles including dance, freestyle, racing, and more!

Black Diamond is a Midwest US skateboard product company that focuses almost exclusively on grip tapes and the tools used to properly apply them. They offer one of the most affordable grip tape solutions and their product is available in a wide variety of colors and designs. The pre-cut sheet reviewed is of a very generous size – enough to re-tape your longboard and have some left for DIY life hacks and grip upgrades.

Remarkably, despite being one of the largest single-cut-sheet offerings available, this one is also among the cheapest. Perfectly suited for tuning up an old longboard on a budget, or even freshening up a bargain buy to flip for profit! This grip tape brings enormous value and a tremendous benefit no matter what your intentions.

[6] Mob Grip Perforated Black Griptape


  • Sized at the standard 9” x 33” to fit the majority of longboard deck styles.
  • Mob Grip’s aggressive texture provides optimal control of your longboard while pumping, carving, and downhill cruising.
  • Mob Grip is an industry icon for a grip tape that offers one of the most prolific assortments of designs and graphics on its products.

Mob Grip’s lineup of grip tapes has become a cultural icon amongst longboarders and skateboarders alike. They offer an incredibly vivid assortment of graphic prints and high-quality grip tapes that are popular with pros and beginners alike. Even those that don’t care for Mob Grip find themselves comparing everything else to it; a testament to how central this brand is to the grip tape product market.

This particular offering is actually a blank sheet, void of any graphics or printed designs. We selected it for review because while it may not illustrate the essence of what Mob Grip is about as a brand, it is an incredible value. Mob Grip produces so many designs that they offer this “blank” as well. 

Additionally, this is the same premium quality grip tape that they use for their higher-end products – not a cheap wholesale import. Even if you’re operating on a shoestring budget, freshen up your longboard like a pro by taking advantage of this quietly valuable Mob Grip offer.

[7] Grizzly Stamp Print Black/Red


  • The Grizzly stamp is printed in bold red block type set on the black sheet of grip tape.
  • The single pre-cut sheet measures 9″ x 33″ to accommodate the majority of longboard deck shapes.
  • Manufactured by the prestigious Diamond Supply Company, this is a signature design by professional skateboarder Manny Santiago

The Red-on-Black Grizzly Stamp might be one of the most popular pre-cut grip tape sheets on the market today. The bold look and aggressive grip are a pro-inspired design at its best. And the fact that it’s made by Diamond Supply Co. lets you know it is a product that you can count on. 

A large number of people prefer the Grizzly product line as it offers excellent traction, applies without bubbles being a problem, and doesn’t peel up once it’s on. The traction specifically has inspired its own following, full of longboarders and skaters that swear by Grizzly’s aggressive texture and superior performance in advanced-level riding.

If you’re looking for a grip tape that can keep up with you while downhill racing, carving, or freestyling, take a closer look at the Red/Black Grizzly Stamp for professional-level results.

*Bonus* – Colors Skateboard Griptape Sheets All Colors Assorted Pack

Save by Buying in Bulk!

Grip tape is something you should really start to look at as a consumable. Keeping good, fresh tape on your board will accomplish several things; all of which bring benefit to you

First, fresh grip tape will obviously improve the control of your board. This is essential in many riding styles like longboard dancing, freestyling, and downhill carving. Second, fresh grip tape will keep your board looking crispy and new. There are several grip tapes available with prints and graphics if you’re the type to change things up on the regular.

And finally, every time you go through this process of stripping and re-taping your deck, you are spending time looking at your longboard very closely. This is a great time to inspect the condition of trucks, bearings, and wheels – and the more often you do this the more likely you are to catch any issues before they become dangerous. 

And that’s what makes this bundle so amazing. It comes with 19 sheets that are pre-cut to 9” x 33”, with each sheet being a different color or pattern. If you’re the creative type, break out the stencils, sharpies, and scissors to make a multi-colored design that’s guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

If you’re the practical, frugal type, you’ve got 19 different sheets of grip tape here. Prices fluctuate, but right now the price per sheet in this bundle offers a 75% savings over buying a single sheet of grip (and is $3 less per sheet than the next cheapest grip tape available). 

best longboard grip tape


What is grip tape, exactly?

Grip tape is most often a compound made from an abrasive material that is mixed into a resin that is then spread thinly over a thick paper backing and allowed to cure. This “sandpaper” then receives a strong adhesive to the opposite side, so that it can be easily, yet semi-permanently applied to the top of a longboard or skateboard deck. This source of increased friction becomes the primary means of controlling the longboard. 

Sometimes, longboarders will cut patterns into their grip tape before applying it. This can not only provide aesthetic distinction but can allow freestylers to easily distinguish between the tail and nose of the longboard. Additionally, if you ride in large groups of other longboarders or ride a popular deck design, customized grip tape can help everyone quickly identify the right board.

If you’re creative and looking for something unique, check out our top custom grip tape websites.

What is this “grit” everyone is talking about?

When a grip tape (or sandpaper) manufacturer refers to the grit of their product, they are referring to the gauge number that the industry uses to describe the level of abrasion the material provides. Because longboard grip tape is not meant to be abrasive, but rather a “friction tape”, most vendors don’t use the traditional grit reference gauge in their marketing.

Still, it can be helpful to those who are familiar with the old-school way of grading sandpaper. If you’ve spent any time at all with the stuff, you know the difference between 100 grit and 1000 grit. Therefore, sometimes you’re looking for grip tape, and the level of friction you want is best explained in these terms. We get it.

Still, most manufacturers and vendors don’t like to use the grit gauge or refer to their product as sandpaper. The most important thing to know is that gauged references work in reverse, so a smaller number will mean larger abrasive particles and larger numbers will reference exponentially smaller particles in the compound. Most vendors currently use the following categories to describe the grit of their products; we will provide ballpark gauge numbers that are an approximation only, to provide context.

  • Fine – Fine grit could be considered to start where we stopped with medium, at 700 grit, but realistically 1,000 grit is where you’ll start seeing fine-grit results. Fine-textured abrasives are reserved for polishing and for working out the effects of coarse abrasives – in terms of longboard grip tape, fine-textures offer increased comfort and more refined aesthetics at the potential costs of some traction and longevity.

    Particulate matter is microscopic in fine and ultra-fine grits, and the loss of grip between medium and fine grits is minimal. Finer grits can wear off more quickly, however, but tend to be easier on shoes. Carefully consider the abrasive particles and their compound to ensure maximum durability (or just read reviews!).
  • Medium – Grip tapes marketed as medium-textured could fall in a range anywhere from ~400 grit to ~700 grit. Medium grit textures are a middle-of-the-road option that offers reliable traction and is typically footwear-friendly.

    In medium-textured grip tapes, you will begin to notice less definition in the particulate as they become exponentially (several times) smaller. Medium-textured grip tape is the industry standard on skateboards and longboards and is the most likely version you’ll come across.
  • Coarse – Coarse grit could be anything of 500 grit and below, with “true coarse” being closer to 300 and below. Coarse grits will have pronounced abrasive particles whose definition can be seen easily with the naked eye. Coarse grip tapes are better suited for competitive riding or aggressive riding styles where maximum traction is required, as they tend to destroy footwear rather quickly.

Do you need grip tape on a longboard?

If we’re being absolutely honest, it’s kind of like a seat belt in a car – you don’t necessarily need one, but it’s a pretty good idea. Maybe a better way to put it; you only need grip tape if you want control of your longboard. 

Perhaps even more so than with skateboards, as longboards require extra leverage to turn. Much of this leverage comes from the solid connection of the feet to the deck in conjunction with the bending of the knees. This is the essence of pumping and carving, and the more aggressively you do it the more grip you’re going to want.

There do exist some alternative options aside from the traditional sticky sandpaper if you happen to be one for non-conformity. Textured decks can be made from fiberglass or synthetic compounds that feature raised bumps or recessed dimples, usually for use while barefoot. These decks are typically made-to-order custom designs fabricated in specific skate shops. 

There are also more modern spray-on solutions designed to keep artistic designs intact while providing an invisible layer of texture. What’s more, the level of texture can be customized to suit your needs.

*Bonus: Lucid Grip Spray-On Grip Tape


  • Customize your longboard’s grip:
    • Light Texture — Perfect for casual freeriding or barefoot riding at your local beach or boardwalk. 
    • Medium Texture — This is an industry-standard grip similar to commercially available longboards and skateboards. Suitable for almost all riding styles and deck designs.
    • Heavy Texture — This is professional-grade texturing used almost exclusively in aggressive downhill racing and competitive carving. 
  • Years of integrating customer feedback into product development & design have led to a wide variety of off-label uses, including boat decks, commercial shop floors, garages, airplane wings, industrial facilities, restaurants & cafeterias, etc.
  • The proprietary formula is fast drying and easy to sand, simply cleaning up with water.

With modern times come modern ideas and innovations. If you’ve ever applied grip tape only to have it peel up the next day, or torn the sheet accidentally and been forced to explain your board’s scar constantly – this product is for you! When our review team came across Lucid’s Spray-On texture, we knew it was something that anyone looking for grip tape needed to see.

Lucid’s spray-on “grip tape” is a water-based, hard acrylic emulsion polymer that has superior stain and water-resistant properties once cured. The water-based, premium-grade, non-yellowing, acrylic topcoat is crystal clear and suitable for virtually any finished surface. The Clear Liquid contains coalescing, self-leveling, and defoaming agents. This makes for a notably translucent and cloudless product. Lucid Spray-On can be thinned with water and forms a pristine finish that can be re-coated in 30-60 minutes.

If you’re unsure about how to install longboard grip tape or just plain bored with traditional “sandpaper” grip tapes, give Lucid Spray-On a shot! The ability to customize your board’s grip is an amazing feature that offers endless possibilities. You can use stencils and masking tape to create textured patterns, or simply coat the entire deck for optimal grip.

If you own a deck with a beautiful design, this spray-on grip tape is perfectly suited to preserve your board’s innate beauty without compromising grip and control.

How much is longboard grip tape?

While prices can fluctuate, a sheet of grip tape sized for longboards will run between $5 – $20, on average. Brand, quality, and the seller are the most important factors in determining costs. 

Companies that offer brand names that are established in the skateboarding and longboarding industry are seen as being more legitimate, and oftentimes rightfully so. There is an abundance of third-party vendors that either import grip tape in bulk from overseas and cut it for resale, or simply buy pre-cut packs wholesale and redistribute.

There is nothing wrong with either, but pay attention to prices and shipping fees. There are legitimate redistribution brands like BooTaa and Zuest that don’t manufacture the grip tapes they sell but are honest vendors that price fairly.

For superior quality, you’ll want to stick with the brand names that receive endorsement from the pros. Professional longboarders and skateboarders have spent more time on their boards and demanded more from them than ordinary folks. As such, they have learned which brands of grip tape work better and last longer than others.

Admittedly, some of these pros can be sponsored by companies like Mob or Diamond Supply Co., so they are paid to say good things about the products. Just do a little research into the given longboarder or skateboarder and you should be able to tell pretty quickly whether they stand behind their words, or just say them in exchange for money.

Can you put grip tape over grip tape?

— No, you should never apply new grip tape on top of old grip tape. — 

While this could work temporarily, the tape would not lay down properly, and in a very short time, the tape would begin to peel. What’s worse, the resulting mess will take longer to clean off of the deck than if you had just done it right the first time.

Removing the old grip tape and its adhesive allows the deck material to be exposed. No matter whether it is laminated wood, fiberglass, or another composite, the adhesive backing on the paper works best when it can soak into the surface on a microscopic level. Properly stripping and cleaning the deck surface in preparation is your best bet for achieving optimal adhesion between the grip tape and the deck’s surface. Keep reading to see more discussion about how to install longboard grip tape.

What tools will I need to re-tape my longboard?

We aren’t sure it’s possible to overstate the importance of using the right tools to get the best results

While these tools aren’t all absolutely necessary, the complete assortment will ensure you easily overcome any obstacles that may stand between you and a perfect grip application.

  • Utility knife
  • Roller
  • Metal file
  • Hair dryer/Heat gun
  • Acetone (nail polish remover)
  • Steel Wool

Admittedly, it is possible to strip old tape and apply a fresh sheet – in the field – with minimal tools. You can either crease the paper and bend back and forth to make a line that is easy to tear fairly cleanly. There are videos out there of people doing such “field re-tapings”, but we don’t recommend using torn grip tape and rocks to apply your tape. Unless you’re in a situation where you must aggressively carve downhill, in the rain, in dress shoes, then you can probably wait until you get home to do it right. 

How do you replace longboard grip tape – so it doesn’t peel?

Grip tape peels off of a longboard for two reasons – either the deck wasn’t properly stripped and cleaned, or the tape itself wasn’t properly applied. That’s it. Yes, it’s possible that an inferior product could result in grip tape peeling up prematurely, but if you know you bought the cheap stuff and you know that you stripped and applied correctly, then you just need to pick better tape.

However, if you know you’ve bought good, high-quality grip tape and you don’t want to risk it peeling up, then start by following these steps to be sure you’ve properly stripped your longboard deck:

  • 1 – Use a heat gun or hair dryer to thoroughly soften the adhesive and remove all of the old grip tape.
  • 2 – Use an old rag and acetone or nail polish remover to remove all traces of old adhesive.
  • 3 – If the old adhesive is stubborn, try steel wool or a stiff nylon brush.

In order to properly apply longboard grip tape:

  • 1 – To avoid bubbles, start at one end of the longboard and work incrementally down the length of the board.
  • 2 – Work from the center, out, taking care to keep the sheet aligned properly as you work down.
  • 3 – If you do end up with a bubble, do not pull the sheet back up (this will ruin the adhesive and make it peel). Instead, use the point of a utility knife to “pop” the bubble and push it down firmly.
  • 4 – You can also make use of the hair dryer or heat gun here; use it once you’ve got the tape down, but before you trim. Work the roller and heat from the center of the deck to the outside to help ensure maximum adhesion.

Our review team found that Rat Vision’s engaging video content currently gives the best demonstration of how to properly remove grip tape, as well as how to install it.

How to remove longboard grip tape

How to apply longboard grip tape

What size grip tape do I need?

If you are looking to cover your entire board’s contact surface, then you will want to buy a sheet of grip tape slightly larger than the dimensions of your board. It needn’t be much; the longboard standard sheet size is 9” x 33”.

You may want to look at larger sheets if you have an oversized longboard deck or want a little extra for DIY projects, but generally speaking, this will be more than enough to re-tape your longboard.

You might also consider a spray-on grip if you’re concerned about sizing the sheet to your board or applying the grip tape in general. Lucid Spray-On Grip Tape goes on like spray paint to give you an individual level of grip and one order is enough to do 2 large longboards.

How long should my grip tape last?

This can be a tricky question. There are a lot of variables that have an effect on the answer. Generally speaking, your grip tape should last anywhere from 6 to 18 months with regular and consistent riding. Freestyle tricking is notoriously harder on both the deck and its grip tape, so this kind of riding can be expected to reduce the life of your grip considerably. Likewise, if you cruise barefoot one or two nights a month you can expect your grip tape to last longer than 18 months.

Ultimately, your grip tape will last until it doesn’t. When you begin noticing worn-down areas or become aware of decreased grip through riding, it’s time to change it.  

You can prolong the life of your grip tape by keeping it clean and free from debris. The best way to do this is by using a natural rubber block, such as this ProStick designed for cleaning industrial sanding belts. You can buy the same product, which resembles an eraser, with a skating brand name on it, but with this product names don’t mean much and the ProStick is much, much cheaper.

How do you clean longboard grip tape?

Cleaning grip tape will help keep it looking fresh and new, as well as keep it providing traction for better control of your longboard. The best way to clean your longboard grip tape is to simply use a nylon scrub brush to gently wipe the surface clean. Do this first with a dry brush, then use a spray bottle that can mist to add a little moisture if necessary. You can wipe with a damp cloth if you don’t have a spray bottle, just avoid getting the grip tape too wet.

If you encounter stains that don’t come out or you have some foreign material built up and clogging the space between abrasive particles, consider a natural rubber abrasive cleaner like the ProStick. If used properly, these can restore grip to like-new condition and they are incredibly affordable.

So, what is the best longboard grip tape?

Alright – we’ve covered quite a few different products, as well as the ins and outs of what might make one superior to the other. Of course, things can be situationally dependent, but sometimes you just have to choose a winner. All of the products we reviewed bring value to the customer, albeit in different ways at times. As such, we are going to name 2 Best Grip Tapes – one for Best Overall Quality and the other being Best Overall Value.

The first honor, Best Overall Quality, goes to the Red/Black Grizzly Stamp Grip Tape. This product offers excellent traction, standout aesthetics, and professional-grade quality. It may cost more than the others, but it brings more, too.

For the Best Overall Value, Jessup Single Sheets are hard to beat. These guys have been making grip tape since the 1970s and are so well-invested in the product line and the industry that they can simply offer a top-shelf product at bottom-dollar prices.

In conclusion, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’ve covered here (besides, surely some you skipped to the end). First, we thoroughly reviewed several of the best-selling grip tapes and discussed what makes any individual one a better choice over another.

We also followed up with an FAQ that hopefully addresses all of the potential questions that anyone new to changing out their grip tape might have.

As always, wear your safety gear, pay attention to your surroundings, stay safe, and have fun! 

Thanks for reading!

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