Landyachtz Reviews [2021] Top 3 Models This Year

When talking about influential brands within the longboarding community, Landyachtz is always part of the conversation. From drop-through speed machines to classic cruiser boards, Landyachtz has a little bit of something for all four-wheeled enthusiasts. What started as a passion project soon erupted into a worldwide powerhouse responsible for countless hours of enjoyment. Landyachtz is a skater-owned and operated business, taking inspiration from skaters themselves for their needs and preferences when it comes to designing the perfect longboard.

Not only does Landyachtz offer an array of deck styles, but they also manufacture all the other necessary board components in-house to ensure maximum quality and dependability. When you are purchasing a complete Landyachtz setup, you can feel confident each aspect has been carefully tested and designed to withstand the rough lifestyle of a skater. Between Landyachtz decks, Bear trucks, and Hawg wheels; what more could you ask for?

Top 3 Landyachtz Models

[1] Landyachtz Dinghy

For many longboard enthusiasts new and old the Dinghy cruiser board is the tried and true favorite among all the different styles of boards that Landyachtz has to offer. For good reason! The Dinghy comes in many sizes and shapes along with a wide range of graphic options. From the get-go, the Dinghy is crafted fully from 7 plies of high-quality Canadian Maple and features a curved tail send section with a flat curved, and sometimes pointed front end. With an average length of just over 28 inches, the Dinghy is the perfect size for all ages and skillsets. Carved-out wheel wells on either side of the truck mount holes allow the rider to use larger size cruiser wheels without worrying about wheelbite when taking sharp turns.

Similar to the classic skateboard, the Dinghy cruiser board has a raised tail section that can be utilized to perform tricks and maneuvers such as Ollies, manuals, kickflips, and so much more! The versatility of the Dinghy is sure to thank for its worldwide success in introducing new enthusiasts to the exciting hobby of skating. The Dinghy is available as a pre-assembled complete to eliminate the headaches of setting up a skateboard while getting you out on the streets as fast as possible.

[2] Landyachtz Drop Cat

If semi-fast speeds and tight carves are your obsession, the Drop Cat from Landyachtz is sure to be your best friend. The Drop Cat is available in two different sizes depending on your preferences. The smaller of the two sizes is 33 inches long with a width of 9.625 inches and a 23.9 inch wheelbase. The larger size Drop Cat has a length of 38 inches, a width of 9.9 inches, and a 29.3 inch wheelbase. Drop-through style longboards have the trucks “dropped through” the nose and tail areas of the deck in order to give riders a lower center of gravity to improve stability and comfort.

Drop-through longboards can house a massive range of wheel sizes depending on the riding conditions and are rated for speeds up to 25mph. Looking at the Drop Cat, you will notice the uniform concave throughout the entire construction. This is intended to give the user improved grip when carving and, boy, does it make a difference. As your body is turning into a carve, your feet naturally want to follow your body. The raised concave areas help to keep your feet in one spot and will deter them from slipping off the board. As with the Dinghy, Landyachtz offers the Drop Cat longboard as either a complete setup or sold separately as a standalone deck.

[3] Landyachtz Tugboat

If you are looking for something a bit bigger than the Dinghy with a similar level of versatility look no further than the Landyachtz Tugboat! The Tugboat has a length of 30 inches and a width of 9 inches. Increased deck size may suit riders with large feet or those that prefer a wider deck for improved stability and comfort while riding. A raised tail offers the same trick possibilities as the Dinghy while being a bit easier to land back on the board with two feet.

Carved-out wheel wells are designed to give more space between the wheels and deck to decrease the chance of wheel bite. Wheel bite occurs when the wheels of the skateboard become in contact with the deck, usually while making a turn, and can cause the board to come to a sudden stop. If this has happened to you, you will know your chances of falling off the board after wheelbite is very high which is why considerate companies such as Landyachtz take the extra step to carve out wheel wells on their decks.

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Are Landyachtz longboards good for beginners?

Yes! Landyachtz offers an exceptional lineup of longboards and cruiser boards to suit the needs of both novice and experienced shredders alike. As a beginner, choosing the right longboard may be a bit overwhelming. Landyachtz simplifies this process by clearly outlining the pros and cons of each style of board in relation to your needs or preferences. Landyachtz longboards are sold as either a complete setup or as a single deck.

Purchasing a complete setup through Landyachtz is by far the easiest, quickest, and oftentimes the cheapest way to delve into the sport. Landyachtz handpicks each component for each complete longboard and combines them into one simplified package. Not only are Landychtz longboards affordable, but you can also feel confident you are entrusting your hard-earned money with a company that has the skater’s best interests in mind.

Is Landyachtz a good cruiser brand?

To answer this question we must first reference the Dinghy once again. The Dinghy is by far Landyachtz’s most popular cruiser board, and possibly their most popular model across all disciplines.

People can not get enough of the Dinghy! Take a stroll through any college campus or downtown metropolitan area and just look around. Chances are you are going to see a few Dinghys in the wild being enjoyed for their versatility. It is important to note, however, Landychtz offers many different cruiser boards other than the Dinghy, even if it is the most popular.

In short, Landyachtz is absolutely a good cruiser brand! Countless reviews throughout the internet and personal advocacy for this product from skaters out in the real world almost make this answer an undeniable fact. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what makes a good cruiser board. Is it by only using high-quality materials? Is it by rigorously testing and altering products until they meet even the highest of expectations?

If you answered yes to either of those questions then you can feel confident your money is going into the right pockets when you choose Landyachtz for your next cruiser board.

Are Landyachtz longboards?

Some of them are! Landyachtz is the name of a company that produces longboards, cruiser boards, ATV boards, surf skateboards, and so much more! Landyachtz has a wide range of longboard styles and shapes depending on what you intend to use the board for. From downhill boards designed for super-fast speeds to drop-through boards designed for a comfortable and smooth ride, Landyachtz does it all.

Some Landyachtz boards are longboards, some are not. A full list of all longboards offered by Landyachtz can be found on their website. Landyachtz knows the number of board options can be overwhelming for some, so they conveniently have their boards broken down by style in a drop-down menu style layout.

A Cause We Can All Support

Unlike many big-name skateboarding and longboarding companies, Landyachtz knows how important its impact on the environment is and strives to make the situation better as opposed to just ignoring it. Maple is widely considered the best wood to use for skateboards because of its natural flexibility and durability. In order to avoid depleting maple reserves worldwide, Landyachtz has come up with a cleverly ambitious solution.

For every board sold, Landyachtz replants a new tree. So when you purchase a new cruiser or downhill setup, you are supporting the regrowth of vital forests. While a single Maple tree can yield up to 60 individual decks, that translates into 60 new trees. Landyachtz works with multiple organizations all over the world to replant trees where they need them the most. This initiative not only aids in reforestation while combating pollution and climate change, but it also ensures skateboards and longboards will be available for future generations.

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