5 Best Off-Road Longboard Wheels for 2021 [Top All-Terrain Picks]

This year is the year of starting anew and keeping it real. The year of intention and dedication to our goals and passions. The year of adventure.

For those of us who skate, and more specifically, longboard, this is our year to get out, get active, and experience a breath of fresh air even amidst the air-restricting times we’re living in.

When it comes to longboards, it’s important to know what the best longboard wheels are for our many different occasions.

Today I’m here to explain the 5 best off-road longboard wheels available, in hope that you make the best, most informed decision possible in selecting your off-road wheels.

5 Best off road longboard wheels

Wheel Shop Durometer
[1] MBS All-Terrain Check Price 78a
[2] Orangatang Kegel Check Price 77a, 80a, or 83a
[3] Shark Wheel DNA Check Price 78a
[4] Cloud Ride Cruiser Check Price 78a
[5] Slick Revolution Foamies Check Price 78a

[1] MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Check Price


Diameter: 100mm

Width: 65mm

Durometer: 78a, high-rebound urethane

Bearing Position (Core): Centerset

Number one on the list is MBS’ All-Terrain Longboard wheels. Available in four colors: black, blue, red, and green; these wheels are a great addition to any longboarder’s tool kit. Their size and intricate treading design make them perfect for dusty and dirty tracks, and even the grassy sites of school campuses. Many buyers rave over the incredible softness and grip capability of these wheels.

Take note, however, that due to their large size, risers may be required to properly install and use these bad boys. Also, bearings are not included. Still, when it comes to an all-around top performer, MBS’ All-Terrain Longboard Wheels take the cake.

[2] Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Longboard Cruising Wheels

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Diameter: 80mm

Width: 56mm

Durometer: Blue 77a, Orange 80a, Purple 83a

Bearing Position (Core): Offset

Next up we have the Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Longboard Cruising Wheels. These wheels come in blue, orange, and purple, with different durometers for the different colors. Because of their large diameter and contact patch of these wheels, they are great from maintaining grip and reaching high-speeds while riding on all types of terrains. Cracks, small debris, mud, and grass, bring little trouble to the overall feel and effectiveness that these wheels provide to the rider.

The sharp square lips provide plenty of grip, allowing extra control during turns. Bearings are not included off-bat, however, Loaded Jehu V2 bearings (set of 8), can be added to your purchase. The top feature of these babies is their amazing speed.

[3] Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels | DNA Formula | 4-Pack

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Diameter: 72mm

Width: 54mm

Durometer: 78a, high-rebound urethane

Bearing Position (Core): Offset

The third best wheel available is Shark Wheel’s 72mm 78a DNA Formula Longboard Wheels. They are available in 5 different colors: clear blue, clear green, clear mint, clear orange, and clear yellow. From the moment you lay eyes on them you know that, “This wheel is different.” Indeed it is. Its most striking feature, the sine pattern giving it its uncanny look, actually serves of great utility to the rider.

The grooves in between each section, or band, of the wheel, allow for dirt, water, and small pebbles to displace easily. This process grants smooth riding, even on rough terrain. The design of the contact patch, the wavy pattern, actually increases the speed because only some portions of the wheel come into contact with the ground; thus, decreasing friction and increasing speed. They’ve quite literally reinvented the wheel, and many people believe it’s for the better.

[4] Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser 69mm 78A Urethane Longboard Wheel Set

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Diameter: 69mm

Durometer: 78a

Bearings Position (Core): Offset

Though the fourth pick is a bit smaller in size, Cloud Ride did extremely well in designing this high-grip and high-speed performing beauty. The square-lipped edges provide amazing grip and control during slides. It handles cracks, small rocks, and other rough surfaces with ease. It’s only available in one color.

[5] Slick Revolution 120mm 78a Foamies Electric Skateboard Wheels

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Diameter: 120mm

Width: 40mm

Durometer: 78a

Bearings Position (Core): Offset

Finally we have the largest wheels on the list: Slick Revolution’s 120mm 78a Foamies. These wheels are primarily used for electric longboards, however with the use of riser pads, they can make great additions to regular longboards as well. Their incredible size along with the patented foam core, introduce a new world of comfort riding regardless of debris, cracks, and rough terrain.

The core reduces 25% of the weight normally distributed directly to the wheels. This weight reduction is what provides the extra smooth feel. The huge contact patch on these wheels really help with grip and control as well.


What is off-roading longboarding?

Off-roading Longboarding means we’ll be skating on more than just smooth, flat ground. This can include rocky pavement, wet or muddy roads, and even grassy areas. Each type of surface provides its own unique challenges to riders, which is why we’re learning what the best wheels are, overall. Below is the list of 2021’s best overall all terrain longboard wheels.

What makes a good off road longboard wheel?

In order to understand what makes an off-road wheel “good” or not, it’s important to first understand what makes a longboard wheel good in general and then apply this knowledge to the scenarios we may run into while skating in places like rocky roads, grassy areas, and slippery slopes.

**If you’re already a wiz in basic longboard designs, i.e., wheel features, styles of longboard riding, and best equipment for different settings, then skip the introductory lesson on wheels 101. If not, hang tight and read up. The information will be useful in the long run.**

Wheel Size

Size is an important feature when it comes to skating. It plays a huge role in determining how fast your longboard will go, what type of terrain it can handle, and what kind of movements it can perform.

Most longboard wheels are between 64-88mm in diameter, with the most common size being 70mm.

Smaller Wheel Size

Smaller wheels generally fit onto more setups compared to larger wheels. These accelerate faster, however, they have a lower top speed than their counterparts. They are great for park or cruising decks, as they are lighter, and keep your board lower to the ground, allowing for a more responsive pop when olling.

Larger Wheel Size

Although larger wheels may accelerate less quickly than smaller wheels, they reach and maintain higher top speeds than the others. The larger size also provides the benefit of rolling over larger debris, cracks, and other objects, with more ease and confidence. Longboards with large cutouts generally allow for most large wheels to fit smoothly with no worry about wheel bite.

Wheel bite refers to the moment when, during turns, the wheel comes into contact with the underside of the deck, halting the forward momentum of the board and rider. This can, of course, lead to a loss of balance and/or falls.

This is where riser pads come in handy. Risers are installed between the baseplate of a board’s trucks, and the deck itself. As the name suggests, they raise the distance between the deck and the ground, providing us with more free room during turns.

Wheel size is measured in mm, on the side of the wheel (logo side), from top to bottom.

Wheel Contact Patch

The wheel contact patch refers to the surface of the wheel which rolls on the ground. Wheels don’t roll on their side (logo sides). That would be more like hockey pucks.


Wide Wheels

Wider wheels typically mean more grip, a preference many downhill riders enjoy. The extra grip enables you to slow down quicker, at the expense of more effort required in order to initiate the stop.

Narrow Wheels

These wheels provide less grip and are often good for longboarders who love to freeride. Narrow wheels allow for easier initiation of slides and less resistance, speed wise, while holding and finishing a slide.

Wheel Shape

The shape, or profile, of a wheel refers to how the lip of the wheel looks. It is the transition point between the contact patch and the sidewall (logo side).

Square Lip Wheels

Sharp lips, those with thick square edges, have more grip to them. These are typically preferred for downhill rides due to the extra grip, which makes turning during fast curves, easier.

Round Lip Wheels

Due to the less grip of the rounded edges, these wheels are great for sliding opportunities during freerides.

Wheel Hardness (Durometer)

The durometer is an instrument used to measure the hardness of different materials like rubber, polymers, and elastomers. Most longboards range from 75-88a.

Soft Wheels (75-80a)

These wheels typically slow you down more quickly. Their softer shell, however, generally makes them less durable than their harder counterparts.

Hard Wheels (83-88a)

Hard wheels tend to slide easier, and slow you down less both in regular forward momentum and during slides. Their harder shells make them more durable than softer wheels.

Wheel Core

There are three main categories for wheel cores: sideset, centerset, and offset.


Sideset wheel cores are located on the edge of the wheel near the inner lip. Due to the weight distribution being towards the outside of the wheel, these cores are known to provide more grip.


These cores are located in the center of the wheel. A benefit of these wheels is that they can be flipped, meaning after one side has become worn down due to the extra pressure being forced on it, you can switch sides to get some extra mileage out of your wheel. Generally it is more difficult to initiate slides with these cores, however they allow for more control.


Offset wheels have a nice balance, both location and performance wise, between side and centerset core locations. Because of this, they provide a happy medium of grip and slide ability.

Now that we know what makes a good longboard wheel, “good,” let’s dive into what it takes to be the best off-roading wheel.

Once again, for many of us, adventure is waiting. Equipped now with the knowledge of the top 5 all-terrain longboard wheels, you should be one push closer to cruising through your adventure.

Be safe, and have fun!

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