5 Best Mini Longboards [2021 Reviews]

One unique style of longboard worth checking out is the mini longboard. Saying “mini longboard” sounds like a bit of an oxymoron- but they are super fun to ride and way more portable than a traditional longboard. 

Most mini longboards average between 25-33 inches long; still, many of these boards, like #2 on our list, are even smaller. There are several types of mini longboards, like: cruisers, fishtail, hammer head, and old school. Each type brings with it its own unique feel and performance.

With its compact design, the mini longboard serves as the ultimate lightweight travel companion. You can attach it to the straps of your backpack or easily carry it in your hands without straining your wrist.

Now that there’s some background knowledge on these babies, let’s get the show rolling with 2021’s Top 5 Mini Longboards.

Best Mini Longboards [2021 Top Picks]

Mini Longboard Length
[1] Magneto Mini Cruiser 27.5″
[2] Eggboards Bamboo 19″
[3] Landyachtz Dinghy 28″
[4] BELEEV Cruiser 27″
[5] White Wave Bamboo Missile 28″

[1] Magneto Mini Cruiser


Material: Maple

Deck Length: 27.5 Inches

Deck Width: 7.5 Inches

Colors/Design: Bamboo, Heart Beat, Light Bulb, and Music

Wheel Size: 60mm

Hardness/Durometer: Shore 78A

First on our list we have Magneto’s Mini Cruiser Skateboard. If you’ve ridden longboards before, you know that one downside to the benefits of its size, is its weight. Often, heavy boards make doing tricks that require lifting the board off the ground, quite difficult. This board, however, with its double kick tail, super lightweight design, enables the rider to perform tic-tacs, manuals, ollies, 180’s, and other tricks, with ease, compared to other mini longboards.

At 27.5 Inches long and 7.5 Inches wide, with its deck being made from 6 piles of Canadian Maple, the board has the perfect size and durability for most riders. The sand grit finish on the surface of the board is also a much appreciated feature.

[2] Eggboards Mini Longboard Bamboo Wood-Sustainable Compact Skateboard


Material: 100% Bamboo

Deck Length: 19 Inches

Deck Width: 9 Inches

Colors/Design: Street Red, Peel Red, Neon Green, and Ocean Blue

Wheel Size: 69mm

Hardness/Durometer: 76A

Next up is Eggboard’s Mini Longboard, the shortest, length-wise, of the boards featured in this list. As the name suggests, this board has an egg shape and it is amongst the most compact, portable longboards available. You can fit it on the straps of your backpack, inside your locker, and even as a carry-on on airplanes.

Don’t let it’s size fool you, this board shreds. Buyers rave over the speed and surprising stability this board provides. It features ABEC-9 bearings which allow for longer spinning and less pushing. And, though it may be the shortest board, its 9in width makes taking tight turns a breeze.

[3] Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard


Material: Maple

Deck Length: 28 Inches

Deck Width: 8 Inches

Colors/Design: Adventure, Blunt Meowijuana, Blunt UV Sun, Coffin Cocktail, Crown Peak, Owl Emboss, Red Dragon, and Skeleton

Wheel Size: 63mm

Hardness/Durometer: 78A

The third best mini longboard of 2021 is Landyachtz’ Dinghy 28’ Complete Skateboard. This baby comes in several designs and colors and is produced by one of the best longboard brands out there: Landyachtz. The board is composed of 7 ply maple and features both a nose and tail design. Like the Magneto Mini Cruiser, these tails allow for tricks like manuals and shuvits to be performed much easier.

Due to the small size of the deck, thus often requiring larger wheels to compensate, a problem many mini longboards fear is wheel bite. This board, however, has built in wheel wells that prevent wheel bite and allow for the rider to really dig into their turns and carves. Also, unlike a lot of boards out there, the starter bearings for this board have received a substantial amount of good reviews.

[4] BELEEV Cruiser Skateboard


Material: Maple          

Deck Length: 27 Inches

Deck Width: 8 Inches

Colors/Design: Blue, Black, White, and Yellow

Wheel Size: 60mm

Hardness/Durometer: 78A

Fourth we have the cruiser skateboard by BELEEV. Buyers rave over the comfort, stability, and beginner friendliness of this board. That is because it’s built with 7 ply Canadian Maple, 5in heavy-duty alloy trucks, and anti-slippery, high-rebound wheels.

These components work conjunctively to create a board that can rip at high speeds, clear small debris, and support most riders up to 220lbs. There is also water-resistant grip on this board, along with asymmetric nose and tail designs, allowing for easier performance of tricks. 

[5] White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (Missile)


Material: Bamboo and Maple

Deck Length: 28 Inches

Deck Width: 8 Inches

Colors/Design: Standard Brown of wood

Wheel Size: 60mm

Finally we have White Wave’s Bamboo Longboard (Missile). Similar to the Landyachtz board, this mini longboard comes with wheel wells already carved. This means riders won’t have to worry about wheel bite, and instead can focus on riding, carving, and cruising. The Abec 9 Hellion 2 bearings help keep the wheels turning for a longer time with less pushing required.

Reportedly, this is one of sturdiest mini longboards on this list, as it supports people up to 270lbs with ease. Heavier riders at 300lbs have even claimed to ride it with little to no trouble. Like a few of the others on this list, it features a front and back kick tail, making tricks and positioning easier.

Final Thoughts

In the end, for your mini longboard purchases, you want to get a board that:

  • Supports your weight, and provides you with good turnability (if you plan on taking tight turns or weaving in between pedestrians).


  • Has a front (nose) and back kick tail (if you plan on doing tricks).

Another brand that makes a good mini board is Volador – definitely check them out too.


What is a mini longboard?

Mini Longboards refer to boards that are generally 25-33 Inches in length. They aren’t one of the traditional types of longboards but are rather a sub category.


Are mini longboards good for beginners?

Mostly yes. The stability that comes from the firmness of the decks usually helps beginner riders at balancing. However, the lack of room to position their feet can throw other riders off.

Most people believe, however, that these are great for beginners as they fit in the middle, in terms of maneuverability, trick capability, and overall support from the deck itself, between regular skateboards and longboards. We’ve written a helpful guide to teach people how to longboard that is worth checking out. Happy riding!

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