5 Best Quest Longboards [2021 Reviews]

Quest Boards is a trusted California-based company that has devoted itself to crafting quality longboards. They have gone above and beyond, making it their mission to help longboarders find an ideal board that truly fits their needs and desires. Quest Boards are some of the highest quality longboards around, not only are they super stylish, but they also stand up to any challenge you seek to put them up to.

These boards are noted to be consistently priced right, offer gorgeous and unique designs, and are incredibly durable and long-lasting boards. Quest Boards aren’t really known for their longboards, and they don’t offer a ton of them in terms of marketing, however, the longboards they do have are top of their class. Offering longboarders with a super stable and smooth ride, these are awesome boards for beginners.

Quest Boards provides longboard riders with trusted knowledge, support, and really has something for everyone. If you are seeking a longboard that is made-up of some of the finest materials with top-notch graphics and gorgeous wood finishes, Quest may be just the board you have long been searching for. Here we’ll be checking out some of the top-rated Quest Boards that can take the guesswork out of which longboard is going to be the best.

Best Quest Longboards

Longboard Shop Length Style
[1] The Super Cruiser Check Price 44″ Cruiser
[2] Zero Dark 40 Check Price 40″ Downhill
[3] California Native Spirit Check Price 41″ Drop-down
[4] Totem Check Price 36″ Cruiser
[5] Rorshack Check Price 34″ Cruiser

[1] Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser: The Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44″ Longboard

Check Price

The 44” Quest Super Cruiser is perfect in both size and super durable 7-layer construction. Made-up of sturdy bamboo and maple, the Super Cruiser is a longboard that boasts pro-level excellence with a uniquely simple design, and flawless components. With sturdy aluminum longboard trucks and resiliant 70mm PU wheels, the Super Cruiser can get you where you need to go in style and with confidence.

This one is an awesome choice for beginners, but seasoned riders are sure to appreciate it as well. It not only looks awesome, but it is also awesome for carving and provides the rider with unmatched turning capabilities. If you are in the market for a longboard that is all around and a great option for any rider, look no further than the Super Cruiser.

[2] Quest Zero Dark 40 Downhill Style Slot Through Longboard

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For riders who are looking for a trustworthy downhill longboard, the Zero Dark 40 is for you. This one boasts a sleek 7-ply black maple design and is incredibly versatile and functional. The 7” aluminum reverse kingpin trucks are insanely durable, super lightweight, and perfect for managing curves.

Zero Dark is crafted with an open wheel design that prevents wheel bite, keeping you safe no matter what speed you’re travelling. This longboard is priced-right and an unmatched choice for riders who are seeking precision and stability. Zero Dark 40 is the go-to board to longboarders who are seeking a challenge and are ready to take on some downhill action.

[3] Quest California Native Spirit 41″ Longboard

Check Price

The Native Spirit is offers a very cool drop-lazer etched design of the state of California’s mascot, the bear, and the Quest Boards logo. This longboard is tribal looking in style and insanely well-built with a sturdy and confident design. Native Spirit is super lightweight at only 8 lbs. and it is the perfect board for whatever your plans are for it.

At 41” Native Spirit is an awesome choice for bombing down hills, riding tight curves, or just hitting the local boardwalk. Native Spirit provides a super comfortable ride, plenty of flex in the deck, and is crazy durable. This one is a dependable, great-looking option for longboarders of all skill levels.

[4] Quest Totem 36″ Longboard

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The Quest Totem longboard offers riders 36” of easy riding comfort and peace of mind. This board not only looks fantastic with its super sleek tribal looking design, but it is also super sturdy and very well-crafted. Made-up of 7-ply bamboo and maple, the Totem is a truly comfortable ride that is incredibly durable with the support and stability of reverse kingpin trucks and 80a PU wheels.

This longboard is a superb choice for riders of all skill levels. It’s durable, shock absorbent, and provides a super comfortable ride all in all. The Totem is a beautiful board that provides support and durability, no matter where you opt to take it, it is sure to keep up with any rider.

[5] Quest Rorshack 34″ Longboard

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If you are in the market for a cruiser and/or carving longboard, the Rorshack is most definitely something you will want to take into some serious consideration. At 36” the maple and bamboo board doesn’t have a ton of flex in it, but it offers a ton of support for the ride ensuring a super smooth ride overall. The Roshack really is superior for offering excellent turning accuracy, as well as responsiveness.

The Rorshack also comes totally complete, which is great for new riders. It includes a riser, ABEC 7 bearings, durable 6-inch aluminum trucks, and rugged 65mm PU longboard wheels. The Rorshack is an awesome, reliable option for any level of rider who is seeking a choice longboard at a great price; a super well-rounded longboard.

best quest longboard

Is Quest a good longboard brand?

Yes– It should most certainly be said that Quest Boards are legendary for a reason. In terms of providing riders with exceptional, high-quality boards at excellent prices, Quest Boards really always goes above and beyond. Their maple and bamboo decks give riders superior support, and complete sets always are sure to include durable trucks, and rugged wheels. Order your board and you’re really ready to get out and ride.

Quest Boards bring boarders a sense of California-classic cool in terms of long board design and durability. These quality boards stand up to any test they are put through in terms of carving with confidence, free-riding the local city sidewalk, or bombing down hills. Regardless of what you are seeking to get out of your longboard, Quest Boards is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for, at an awesome price.

It really is of no huge wonder why when it comes to choosing a longboard, Quest Boards is one of the first places many riders opt to go. Whether you are just looking to purchase your first longboard or if you are looking for an upgrade, the aforementioned are all some of the top ones to consider first.

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