Best Longboard Tricks for Beginners and Experts

Longboards aren’t just tools for cruising around, commuting, or bombing down a hill. Just like with skateboards, there are various tricks you can perform depending on your skillset. Though there may not be a pro longboarders video game with hundreds of tricks, you’d be surprised what tricks you can pull off on a longboard.

Well, I’m here today with a list of the 3 best longboard tricks for both beginners and experts, so that you can add these to your list of reasons as to why it’s such an amazing feeling to shred, cruise, and travel on a longboard.

First things first, here are some important notes to understand before trying these different tricks.

[1] Stance (Regular vs Goofy)

When you’re reading through the list, when I say front foot, I’m referring to your LEFT foot, as if addressing regular-stance riders. If you lead with your RIGHT foot, you’re considered a goofy-stance rider; and, you’ll want to invert all directions.

[2] Know the Basics

Before you’re ready to attempt any of these spectacular tricks, It’s important to know the fundamentals of longboarding first:

  • Pushing
  • Starting/Stopping
  • Cruising (without falling or constantly struggling for balance)
  • Turning
  • Carving

Once you’ve mastered the basics of how to longboard, next up comes the longboard tricks!

3 Quick Notes:

[1] The type of board you have will affect the type of tricks you can perform with different levels of difficulty. Smaller, cruiser-like decks are great for ollies and popping tricks, while longer, more standard-sized boards, are great for flips and dance moves.

[2] Generally, performing tricks backside first, or having the board/your body rotate in the direction you are facing, will be easier. Rather than looking over your shoulder while doing frontside tricks. Keep that in mind.

[3] Safety first! Obviously there’s an element of danger related to trying any tricks, so we suggest checking out our best longboard helmets post. Elbow and Knee pads are also a good way to protect yourself. To protect your longboard, we like to use longboard nose guards to avoid chipping from repeated trick attempts.

Without further ado, here are the 3 best longboard tricks for beginners and experts.

best longboard tricks

3 Beginner Longboard Tricks

1. Pivots

Pivots are a great beginner longboard trick. Essentially all they are is a full 180 turn of your body and doing them smoothly will get you used to the many momentum-changing movements you’ll eventually have to do in performing other tricks.

To perform –

  1. Start with your back foot near the kicktail then wind up your body in the opposite direction of the turn.
  2. Bend your knees & shift your weight to your back foot.
  3. Keep your chest parallel over the board as you turn your body 180° (Your board will raise slightly)
  4. Shift your weight to your front foot as you land your front wheels.

Key tip: Really throw your shoulders when performing this trick. The momentum will help in turning your body and the board.

2. Ghostride Kickflip

The Ghostride trick alone is a great starter longboard trick. It’s when you hop off the board, swing and cross your back foot in front of you, landing on the ground; then, taking one step with that landed foot, and hoping right back onto the board. A quick, one-two!

The Ghostride Kickflip adds a bit of flare to the Ghostride, by adding an underside flip of the deck to the landing portion of the trick.

To perform –

  1. Cross your back foot in front of your front foot & and hop off the deck.
  2. Take 1 step with your back foot (the crossed foot).
  3. Swing your front foot forward and take another step.
  4. With your toes, use your back foot to flip the board over.
  5. Hop back onto the board.

Key tip: Scoop the board when flipping it.

3. Cross Steps

Up next we have the first dance move on our list, the Cross Step. Cross steps are a great way to get used to moving/ walking on your board while still maintaining your forward momentum.

To perform –

  1. Start with your feet spread apart with your back foot near the back of your deck.
  2. Slide your front foot back. Bring it close to your back foot.
  3. Cross your back foot in front of your front foot.
  4. Swing your front foot back in front of you.
  5. Feel the weight in your front foot, then take a step back with your back foot.

Key tip: Be careful not to plant yourself on your kicktails while moving on the board.

3 Expert Longboard Tricks

1. Fullcab No-Comply

Oh man is this trick a beauty! The Fullcab No-Comply consists of two tricks: a pivot, and after a frontside 180 no-comply. There’s a lot of footwork and control needed for this trick so it’s important to really know how to perform both parts prior to attempting the combination.

To perform –

  1. Bring your front foot near the front kicktail.
  2. Bend your knees, wind up your body in opposite direction, then rotate your hips, chest, and shoulders to perform a pivot.
  3. While finishing your pivot, bring your new front foot (it will switch with the pivot) off the board and onto the ground.
  4. With your new back foot, diagonally pop the board up, so that it does a 180 spin.
  5. With your grounded foot, propel your body forward and onto your board, paying close attention to bringing your knees and shins above your rotating board.
  6. Land in the stance you began the trick in

Key tip: Pop the board hard when doing the No-Comply. Commit hard.

2. Backside Tiger Claw

Source: desgnarlais

This trick is the first on the list that requires hand movements and is popular among longboards dancers. It’s a great trick to see performed and an even better one to land.

To perform –

  1. Stand with your back foot in pop-shovit position, near the top edge of the the kicktail, and your front foot in the middle of the board.
  2. Pop the board 180 by bringing down your back foot. Plant your back foot on the ground as the board is rotating in the air.
  3. Your front foot should be hanging in the air as your front hand preps to catch the spinning board.
  4. Once you grab it, step with your front foot while you spin the board 360°, finishing the Tiger Claw.
  5. Land on the board in the stance you began the trick in

3. Circus Flip (No-Comply 360 Flip)

Circus Flip longboard trick

Source: desgnarlais

The final trick on today’s list is the Circus Flip, also known as the No-Comply 360 Flip. This gem here is sure to impress anyone and feel great to those brave enough to conquer it.

To perform –

  1. Stand with your back foot near the top edge of the kicktail. Your front foot will be in the middle of your board with your heel just barely over the edge of the deck.
  2. Aggressively pop and scoop your back foot to rotate the board. Think of it as driving your foot into the center of your trucks.
  3. Take 1 jumping step forward with your front foot.
  4. Lift your hips and bring your back foot as high as possible. Catch the board, as it’s spinning, with your back foot, and finish by bringing your body down over the board and landing your front foot on it.

And there you have it: 3 of the best longboard tricks for both beginners and experts. Remember:

  1. All tricks require you know the basics first.
  2. Most tricks will have emphasis on the knees, chest, shoulders.
  3. It’s okay to miss a couple attempts before finally sticking the landing.

As always, be safe and happy riding.


Can you do tricks on a longboard?

Yes! As we’ve shown above there are various tricks to master no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert.

What type of longboard is best for tricks?

Skatepark Tricks: Landyachtz’ ATV

Freestyle Tricks: Arbor Catalyst

Dancing Tricks: Loaded Boards Bhangra

*For more options, check out our best dancing longboards post.

Can you do tricks on a mini longboard?

Yes. Though they aren’t specifically designed for tricks like regular boards, many mini longboards have kicktails which makes performing certain tricks easier, compared to doing them on a longboard. However, their size and shape also mean certain tricks that are easier on longer boards, will be harder to do on the smaller size. Like the 3 listed in the Expert section of this list.

Can I Ollie on a longboard?

Yes. It is more difficult than performing an Ollie on a regular skateboard, but all the same aspects apply.

Can you kick turn on a longboard?

It’s possible, just unadvised at high speeds. Longboards generally have loose trucks and wider wheelbases, making taking turns from a wider angle, easier.

What are some other beginner tricks?

Apple Sauce/ Apple Juice

Nollie Shuvit

What are some other expert tricks?

Kickflip Body Varial

Fakie No-Comply Bigger Spin

Double Rainbow/ Sex Change

Hopefully by now you’ve got some stuff you’re ready to go out and try. It’s important to keep learning and freshen up your longboarding skills. The longboard tricks above can help you to add a new element to your riding repertoire and have more fun riding. Have fun – and stay safe!

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