5 Best Longboarding Helmets That Can Save Your Life in 2023

Owning one of the best longboarding helmets is critical to safer longboarding. We can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your skull when you ride. In this article, we have hand-picked six of the best longboarding helmets, and you cannot go wrong with any of these options.

That old bike helmet festering in the dirty corner of your garage may not be good enough when it comes to longboarding so you might want to get out your wallet and grab a brand new high-quality longboarding helmet. By the way, it’s always a good idea to go for a new helmet rather than a used one to ensure the highest degree of safety. For further reading on longboarding helmet basics, as well as what all the safety certifications mean, check out our article on how to pick the right longboarding helmet.

Helmet Style Rating
S-ONE S1 Lifer Visor Helmet Half shell 4.8/5
Triple Eight Sweatsaver Half shell 4.7/5
Pro-Tec Classic Half shell 4.6/5
TSG – Pass Full-face 4.6/5
LS2 Rapid Full-face 4.6/5



It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to get one of the best longboarding helmets. Though high quality tends to come with a price. For half shells, the $40 to $60 price range has the perfect mix of quality and affordability. The half-shell style is great for a variety of boarding including skateboarding. However, full-face longboard helmets are typically associated with downhill/speed longboarding activities.

Best Longboarding Helmets – Half Shell 

Not all helmets are created equal, and when it comes to cruising on a longboard, a half-shell helmet is where it’s at. These helmets offer a great balance between protection and style, with their lightweight construction and open-face breathability. They have the classic skater style, and you’ll still have your dome protected in case of a spill. Plus, half-shell helmets are versatile and can be used for other activities like skateboarding, biking, or rollerblading. Consider the following options as our picks for the best longboarding helmets in the half-shell variety. 

S-ONE S1 Lifer Visor Helmet Longboard Helmet

s-one lifer longboard helmet

You can’t go wrong with anything on our list, but the S1 Lifer is the best longboarding helmet for a half-shell design. The S1 is great for all ages and passes all major safety tests. It also comes in a huge variety of colors and design options. This helmet is light, comfortable, and comes with different-sized pads so that you can share it or loan it out if need be.

  • Specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam
  •  Several color and variation options
  •  Certification: ASTM & CPSC

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Longboard Helmet

triple eight sweatsaver longboard helmet

Bumping up in price slightly, the Sweatsaver is another one of the best longboarding helmet options that can ring in as high as $69.99. The sizing tends to run a little smaller than average so keep that in mind and pay attention to the reviews and listen to what other riders say about it.

Triple Eight is an exceptional longboard safety brand. We included the brand to be part of our best wrist guard article as well. They are huge in the board sports safety niche.

  • Multi-impact design
  • Sweatsaver liner
  • Adjustable straps
  • Triple Eight customized logo rivets
  • Classic skate side cut helmet design

Pro-Tec Classic Longboard Helmet

The Pro-Tec longboarding helmet comes in a wide range of sizes. Many reviewers with larger heads have had great luck with this one. It doesn’t offer many options in the color department but the Pro-Tec is still a solid choice.

Pro-Tec is a big name in longboard and skateboard safety. We’ve chosen them to be included in our best elbow and knee pads guide as well.

Owners rave about how the helmet fits very well and doesn’t look “cheesy” like some cheaper longboard helmets can. The color and finish options are really great, most colors come in either a glossy or a matte finish- so odds are you’ll find one that fits your style.

  • High Impact ABS Shell
  • EPS Foam Liner
  • Nylex Lamination Interior
  • 11 Open Vents
  • Dri-Lex Wrapped Hard-to-Soft Foam Transition

Best Longboarding Helmets – Full Face

When it comes to the best longboarding helmets in the full-face variety, things tend to get decently more expensive. The price might seem overwhelming, but riders interested in the downhill scene eventually find the need for a full-face helmet if they value their noggin. We couldn’t decide on a definitive winner so here are two of the best longboarding helmets for downhill riding. The Bell helmet below is great for beginners who don’t have a ton of money to start out, it’s just a basic BMX-style helmet. If you’re planning on bombing downhill on one of the best longboard brands like Landyachtz, you’ll need a full-face helmet for sure.

TSG – Pass Full-face Helmet with Two Visors

  • Designed by Skaters in the U.S.A
  • Top quality product
  • All TSG products come with a warranty

TSG full-face helmets have gone through several makeovers and we’re huge fans of the latest model. These helmets can appear restrictive but in reality, the TSG is quite well ventilated making breathing a breeze. There’s also a misconception that full-face longboard helmets are always heavy and uncomfortable- not true with the TSG pass. The high-end materials bring the overall weight of the helmet down to a very manageable 2.3 lbs.

If you have a higher budget, definitely check out the TSG pass. It definitely deserves the first spot on the list for the best longboarding helmet for downhill riding.

LS2 Helmets Rapid Full-Face

  • 2 shells for the smallest, lightest helmet possible in your size
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic shell
  • DOT approved quick release chinstrap
  • Hypoallergenic, removable, washable comfort padding
  • Optically Correct, Inlock Ready Shield

When it comes to the next best longboarding helmet, look no further than the LS2 Rapid. This helmet is actually a low-cost motorcycle street bike helmet. Why would we suggest a motorcycle helmet? Well, it offers a ton of benefits to keep you safe and comfortable while diving hills at break-neck speeds.

It has a sleek, aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance and a high-quality EPS foam liner to absorb a high-impact crash. Plus, the removable and washable liner makes it easy to keep your helmet clean and fresh. The LS2 Rapid is also lightweight and features an adjustable ventilation system for maximum breathability, ensuring you stay cool even on the hottest of days. All in all, it’s an excellent choice for some serious downhill longboarding and staying safe on steep runs.

Another point of safety other than a good longboarding helmet is a good pair of well-made slide gloves. Grab a pair in that linked article for more information.

*UPDATE*: We stopped recommending Predator helmets due to concerns about their build. Evidence has been found that their recent batches are not up to the quality we expect from them and their outer shells appear to have defects. Please, don’t buy new Predator helmets. Predator helmets from a few years ago are fine. The community is still waiting for a response from Predator.


Should you wear a helmet when longboarding?

Of course, we have seen far too many head injuries from longboarders who chose not to wear a helmet when riding. If you plan on doing downhill longboarding, it’s critical that you choose to wear a mask. For downhill you should definitely wear a full-face helmet like the ones we recommend above.

Also if you’re a beginner and/or a kid, we really urge you to wear a longboard helmet. When you buy a kids longboard, please combine that purchase with a helmet for the child.

Don’t be a dummy – buy a helmet. Spending a little extra money on one of the best longboarding helmets can certainly be well worth the money, especially for beginners. If you own any of these or another helmet that you fully endorse, let us know below.

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