Best Longboard Racks, Wall Mounts, and DIY Options

If you have a longboard, especially if you have more than one, it’s a good thing to know the best ways of storing it. Leaning dirty wheels on walls and laying rollable objects on floors, we know, can lead to undesired consequences.

On that note, here are the best longboard racks, wall mounts, and even some DIY options, so you can safely store your boards.

Product Shop Capacity Rating
The Deckhand Rack Check Price 14 decks 4.5/5
The Boardroom Rack Check Price 6 4.8/5
The O.G. Skate Rack Check Price 2 5/5
212 Main Mounted Rack Check Price 4 4.5/5
US2U Wall Mounted Hanger Check Price 3 4.7/5
StoreYourBoard Mount Check Price 3 4.5/5

Best Longboard Racks

The Deckhand by Pro Board Racks

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First on the list for the best longboard racks, we have The Deckhand from Pro Board Racks. Coming in just 4 pieces and requiring no tools or difficult steps for assembly, The Deckhand offers buyers 14 open slots to place their boards in. Two cross beams placed in between either vertical standing rack side, hold together the rack, and support the weight of multiple skateboards, longboards, snowboards, and more. Fortunately, disassembly is just as easy; meaning, if you need to move the rack for whatever reason, breaking the rack down and doing so would require very little time.

Take note that though this board has 14 slots, which is great: Placing your longboard decks that still have their wheels on them means more space will be taken up on the rack. Still, it’ll fit many more boards than other racks on the market, and if you want to simply display your decks, this rack is absolutely perfect.


48” Tall

18” Deep

16” Wide

The BOARDROOM by Pro Board Racks

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The Boardroom skateboard/longboard floor display is another great storage rack for your longboards. Composed of 100% baltic birch, this rack requires no tools or hard-to-follow instructions in order to assemble it. Just 4 Pieces of wood, just like The Deckhand.

It’s great for both displaying a ton of your decks and holding your ready-to-ride longboards. If you’re looking for a great way to keep your longboards in a proper and assigned location, look no further than The Boardroom.


47” Tall

19” Deep

16” Wide

The O.G. Skate Rack, Skateboard Rack in Black

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The O.G Skate Rack may have the least amount of slots on this list, but its unique design allows for two pairs of shoes to fit in it, along with 2 boards, making it the most versatile of the three. Its low profile and flat top surface can also serve as a nightstand or bench. The O.G. Skate Rack is great for those who don’t have too many boards and want to get the most utility out of their purchases, in a smaller fashion.

If you’re looking to keep your boards clear of the floor, without taking up a lot of space in your room or garage, while still having space available on top of your rack, the O.G. Skate Rack is your go to pick.


16 ¾” Tall

11 ¾” Deep

15” Wide

Best Longboard Wall Mounts

212 Main Wooden Angle Skateboard Display Rack

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This 4 board-holding rack is made up of solid pine with hardwood birch dowels. It mounts on the wall and requires just a tad bit of very straight forward setup, and it’s ready to go. It’s the perfect buy for longboarders with a small collection of boards who want a great way to store their boards safely out of the way.

The frame comes pre-installed so all you’ll have to do is slide the dowels into the pre-drilled slots, screw in the supplied screws, and you’re good to go.


9 L x 12 W x 27 H inches

US2U Displays Skateboard Wall Hanger or Longboard Wall Mount– US06

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Up next we have the US2U Display Skateboard Wall Hanger, a true utility master for those who want a wall mount for their longboards. Thanks to their incredible sturdiness and super compact design, these wall mounts can be placed in a number of locations around your house or garage, and ensure your boards are properly stored safely and securely.

You can purchase a 2 or 3 pack of them, each with the ability to hold up to 15 lbs. These are great additions for any longboarder desiring the option to have different boards hanging in multiple locations around their house, garage, or store.

StoreYourBoard Longboard Rack, 3 Board Wall Storage Mount

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Finally we have StoreYourBoard’s 3 Board Wall Storage Mount. Composed of ABS plastic combined with I-beam construction. The mount itself is no heavier than 4 pounds, yet its study material and design allow for it to carry 3 heavy longboards, skateboards, snowboards and more. The assembly for this one is fairly simple, so long as you know how to use a screwdriver and perhaps a level.

All the required materials are included in the purchase so no need to shop for extra supplies. If you’re a longboarder looking for a sleek display rack that’ll help you keep your boards in their right locations and off the walls, StoreYourBoard’s 3 Board Wall Storage Mount might be just what you need.


17.6 x 8 x 1.5 inches

1 Pound

DIY Longboard Rack

With a single 8’ x 2” x 4” cedar block, you can build your very own mountable longboard rack. This will require the use of a hand saw or miter saw. The other materials required are 2-4 HeadLok Screws, and 2 Cabinet Screws.

The video below will show you just how to create your own mountable longboard rack in a matter of minutes.

For another DIY option requiring a few more tools and materials check this tutorial out:

To successfully construct this rack, you’ll need a power drill, jigsaw, sander, and stud finder. A pencil, ruler, measuring tape, level, 1 1/4 Forstner drill bit, the necessary screws, and of course the wood itself, are also required.

best longboard racks

In order to keep your floors safe from rolling boards, your walls clean from dirty wheels, and your house overall more spacious and organized, consider purchasing or building one of these amazing longboard racks or mounts.

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