3 Best Mountainboards [2023 Guide]

Have you seen these large, off-road looking longboards with big wheels? They are called mountainboards and they are super fun. We’ve written a helpful post to show you the best mountainboards and even provide helpful information about them in general.

What is a Mountainboard?

Mountainboarding is also known as Dirtboarding, Offroad Boarding, and All-Terrain Boarding (ATB). The board resembles a snowboard, or a longboard, and have bindings for your feet. The wheels are larger and have thick treads for easier dirt riding. Check out our favorite boards below!

Top 5 Best Mountainboards

[1] MBS Pro 97 Mountain Board – Dylan Warren II: Best Overall

Our top pick comes from the best mountainboard brand, MBS. The MBS company only manufacturers mountainboards and mountain board parts, allowing them to really hone in and create top of the line products for the mountain board community.

Here’s a pretty sweet promo video showing off the Pro 97


The Pro 97 model is a bit pricey, but really delivers in overall quality. The latest model of the MBS Pro 97 features upgrades to almost all the parts of an already excellent board. The T1 tire tread is great and is quite versatile whether you’re on dirt, street, or gravel.

The bindings are big and comfortable, the shape is great and it almost feels molded for your feed. The deck is nice and stiff, and features a concave which makes boardsliding nicer. Ollies are easier too because of the shorter wheelbase.

The Passengers grip tape is super grippy and makes you feel really locked in and in control. Specific parts aside, the graphics on the board are sick!

The price is a little high compared to other models, but if you want the best, we suggest the MBS Pro 97 Mountain Board – Dylan Warren II

[2] MBS Colt 90: Best Beginner Mountainboard

If you’re new to mountainboarding, you may not want to spend a ton of money to get started, and this board’s for you. The cost is much less than the above Pro 97 model, but the Colt 90 is still a great board.

One downgrade from pricier models are the plastic hubs as opposed to metal hubs on higher-up models. Normally this would be a big downgrade but the hubs are surprisingly durable.

Riders love how smooth the ride is on hard surfaces and how quiet the ride is compared to skateboards or longboards. The bindings have a Velcro strap to secure your foot, which actually works pretty well. If you don’t like the bindings, you can simply remove them with an Allen wrench.

The board is 35 inches long and 8.5 inches wide at the center. The board comes fully assembled and is compatible with MBS V brakes making it an even better choice for beginner mountainboarders.

One complaint about the Colt is that the turning radius is a bit wide and could be a little sharper, so keep that in mind.

[3] MBS Comp 95: Most Versatile Mountainboard

MBS claims that this is their most versatile board no matter what riding level you’re at. It’s not as expensive as the Pro 97, so this board makes a lot of sense for most riders who just want a great board.

This latest Comp 95 model proudly boasts MBS’ newly engineered Matrix II trucks, a complete redesign of MBS’ flagship Matrix channel trucks, which are lighter, stronger, and smoother carving than any channel truck.

Older Comp 95 models featured Twistar hubs, but now have the upgraded MBS’ unbreakable Rock Star II hubs.

The F5 bindings are stronger and more comfortable than previous models. All in all this board features awesome upgrades of almost every part on the setup. The latest 95 has

Mountainboard FAQ

What’s the best mountainboard brand?

We find MBS to be the best mountainboard brand. As you can see from our top list above, MBS dominates the niche market of mountainboarding. They only make mountainboards and they do it quite well.

MBS pioneered the sport of mountainboarding, starting their company in 1993 out of a need to snowboard year-round. They are the originals and the best, constantly innovating to create the best mountainboarding experience possible.

How much does a mountain board cost?

A standard mountainboard can cost between $150 – $600. Mountainboards with electrical components can cost up to $1,000+.

How do you stop on a mountain board?

  1. Toe-side stop: bend your knees and put pressure on the toe-side of your board to turn it perpendicular and stop.
  2. Powerslide or heel-side stop: bend your knees, grab the center of the board, and lean back keeping your butt down and in until you come to a stop.

Can you ride a mountain board on the street?

For sure! mountainboards are meant for any terrain including dirt, gravel, grass, pavement. Almost any outdoor surface you can think of thanks to the larger wheels.

Are Mountainboards like longboards?

Mountainboards are very similar to longboards, however the wheels are much larger which allows the rider to get off the pavement and onto almost any terrain. Mountainboarding was created by snowboarders, but the wheels give it a longboarding feel that we can really get behind.

We usually stick to longboarding on this site but we just had to do a write-up of the best mountainboards. Sometimes we just need to take things offroad and mountainboarding is the only way to scratch that itch. We’d love to see the sport grow but for now we’re just happy brands like MBS are going all in and making some really sick boards and giving us a nice longboarding alternative.

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