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Does it ever feel like some longboarders are speaking another language? Have you ever heard a longboarding term and had no clue what it meant? We put together a helpful guide that defines some words and phrases you may hear within the community. Our longboarding terms dictionary is always evolving, so be sure to let us know in the comment section if we missed anything and we may consider adding it.

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ABEC scale
1. A numbered scale rating that measures the tolerance margin in a bearing. The scale only goes from 1 to 9 skipping even numbers.

1. The almighty god of aero. See also Steezus.

1. An aero helmet with rear and shoulder fairings.

1. A corrosion resistant anodic oxide layer on aluminum. It’s often used with precision trucks to give them color and a durable finish.

1. The rod (or rods in most precision trucks) passing through the hanger and the center of each wheel.

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