Longboarding Communities & Resources

We try our best to provide information for all the things you initially might have questions about. As you find yourself submerged in the world of skate gear a lot of question arise; there’s a lot of whys and hows for such a small amount of parts that go into making a skateboard a skateboard. If you find yourself still thirsty for knowledge after reading our articles, here’s some other places to check out for even more information.


Our Favorite Online Longboarding Community

In the longboarding Reddit community you can find answers for just about anything, be it board building, gear, or tips on how to do some tricks. Make sure to lurk before posting, read the rules and follow their community standards.

Facebook Longboarding Groups
Facebook has tons of longboard related groups. Each has their own purpose and their own rules, it’s easy to get people to dislike you if you don’t follow them.

  • Longboard p0rn
    The place for showing off your nicest gear. People also post prototypes and recently released gear, a good place to ask some questions about it.
  • Longboard poon
    A place for beginners to ask for anything and show off whatever gear they have.

Some of the folk in these pages might not be the nicest to you if they sense that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Ask nicely and you shall receive answers.

If you’re looking to buy or sell cheap used gear, find a BST group local to you. If you live in mainland US try ‘MURICA LONGBOARDING B/S/T or find something local to your state.


Where to Buy Longboards and Gear
You’ll find Amazon links all over our articles. You can get awesome deals at Amazon, plus they have a huge selection – but they don’t have everything when it comes to longboarding. Apart from Amazon there are certain highly trusted sites to buy longboard gear. You should also try to look for your local longboard store. FYI zumiez doesn’t count.

For our European readers there’s some stores as well.

Once you get to the point of dialing in your setup, question about longboard bushings are fairly common. Apart from our article on bushings, check out these links.

  • Switchback bushing clinic:


Longboarding Sites we Love

Longboarding Guide