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Does it ever feel like some longboarders are speaking another language? Have you ever heard a longboarding term and had no clue what it meant? We put together a helpful guide that defines some words and phrases you may hear within the community. Our longboarding terms dictionary is always evolving, so be sure to let us know in the comment section if we missed anything and we may consider adding it.

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1. Traditional kingpin geometry in a truck. On RKP trucks, both bushings are behind the hanger – if you look at it from the back you will see both bushing one on top of the other. Looks like an Independent.

1. Referring to a slide: a slide done by kicking out the board with your toes so your butt faces down the hill, much harder to learn than heelsides.
“I don’t really know how to do toesides, I just huck ‘em and hope for the best”

Torsion truck
1. A truck that twists the resistance as opposed to compressing it like regular trucks.
Examples: revenge trucks, original trucks.

1. An aerodynamic position used for cutting through the wind in downhill and fast freeride.

Turn axis
1. The axis around which the hanger rotates. On a regular RKP, the turn axis is defined from the center of the pivot to the center of the part of the kingpin in between both bushings.

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