Boosted Stealth Electric Longboard Review

*2020 Update* – Sadly it appears Boosted is no longer in business. Please head over to our best electric longboard post to see our new and updated top 5 boards.

Earlier this year we put together a list of the best electric longboards to keep an eye on in 2019. There is currently no shortage of e-board competitors entering the market place, but the shining star atop our list was the Boosted Stealth. It’s a versatile and powerful board that’s good for a wide gamut of skill and experience levels. Beginners will be able to get up to speed quickly, and more experienced e-board riders will feel right at home.

stealth board review


Deck Length: 38″

Weight: 17lbs

Distance on 1 charge: 14 miles

Top Speed: 24mph

Hill grade: 25%

The Boosted Stealth appeals to a variety of different riders. Daily commuters along with weekend riders will appreciate the updates found in the generation three models. Who wants to sit in rush hour traffic day in and day out? With a top speed of 24 mph you’ll be zipping past stand still rush hour traffic in no time at all. The board is designed for distance and the extended range battery pack offers up a 14-mile range. Live somewhere there are lots of hills? Not to fret, the Boosted Stealth will allow you to tackle hills with grades of up to 25%. For anyone looking to take their first steps into the personal electric vehicle market place, the Boosted Stealth is an excellent introduction to the world of electric longboarding.

The Stealth comes equipped with 5 different riding modes: Beginner (limited acceleration, 11mph, no hills), Eco (moderate acceleration, 16mph, small hills), Expert (high acceleration, 20 mph, 20% grade hills), Pro (extreme acceleration, 22mph, 25% grade hills), and Hyper (max acceleration, 24mph, 25% grade hills). The Hyper mode is exclusive to the Stealth.

What you get with the Boosted Stealth Electric Longboard

This is a rider’s board, through and through, and it’s made to be ridden. The biggest change between this generation of board and previous generations is that everything is now manufactured in house. The deck, the trucks, and the wheels in the generation three models have all been redesigned by Boosted. The decision to move in house came largely from customer feedback on generation two performance. The new, stronger trucks are 190mm CNC precision machined, and the wheels are Boosted Stratus 85mm. The softer wheels will benefit riders, and they are easy to replace.

Compared to previous iterations, many owners have commented that the Stealth is more road-worthy, sturdy, and provides a smoother, yet faster ride. The Stealth is 38 inches long, and includes Super Flex poplar composite construction, and vibration dampening to make for an effortless ride. There is a new, wider deck waist that allows for stable, optimized riding stances. If you’re familiar with carving powder on a snowboard, you begin to get an idea of the feel they’ve designed into the Stealth. The connection points have been reinforced and the impact-resistant sidewalls help to protect and seal the deck from weather.

The Stealth’s motor has an output of 2100W. The powertrain offers high end torque and continues to push hard throughout the acceleration curve, even at high speeds. The pulleys have been upgraded to a metal construction, meaning improved durability and a quieter ride. On downhills, the board offers a regenerative braking feature to help make that charge last a bit longer. The battery takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to fully recharge. 

Everything is controlled via a handheld, ergonomic Bluetooth remote. Coupled with the app, you’re able to adjust performance settings, track rides, and remotely update the boards firmware. The app is available for both iPhones and Androids. There are no LED screens to worry about on the remote. The remote uses an intuitive design system of buttons, lights, and sounds.  A word to the wise, the throttle wheel is much more sensitive in Pro Mode and Hyper mode.

boosted electric longboard review

Boosted Stealth Accessories

Boosted does offer rechargeable extended range battery packs for $399. Swapping them in and out isn’t the most streamlined process, as it involves removing screws on the undercarriage, but is an option if you know you’re going for a ride that exceeds 14 miles.

Boosted also offers a backpack custom built for carrying your Stealth. If you’re a daily commuter this is going to be a very useful item to have, especially in urban areas. Getting the weight out of your arms and onto your back is going to be so helpful in so many situations. Not to mention the backpack looks great, and is designed with urban commuters in mind. Worth mentioning: If you don’t own a helmet already, do yourself a favor and pick one up to increase your protection while on the road. A smart rider is a safe rider.


This board is top shelf execution. The build quality is consistent and high quality. Owners have been complimentary of the Stealth’s speed, board flex, and stability. Boosted listened to customers after the generation two models and have made improvements to their generation three models. The Stealth is great for a variety of different environments be they urban, suburban, campus, or commuting. In addition to performing great, the Stealth simply looks stunning. It has a very low-key, desirable, sleek design.


The biggest detractor of the Stealth is the weight of the unit. This sucker weighs in at a beefy 17 pounds, but what you get in those 17 pounds is well worth it in our opinion. Price may also be a mitigating factor for some, but again, the Stealth is Boosted’s flagship unit. It is a highly engineered personal electric vehicle and many have said the price is well worth the investment.  Some owners have expressed wanting more customization of the control interface.


This is a very easy product to recommend. The overwhelming majority of feedback from users has been positive. The hyper mode is enticing to many buyers, and really sets this board apart from others. Despite the price, this board feels more like an investment, and is something that will last you for some time to come. Boosted offers a 30-day money back guarantee, along with a 6-month warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. If you’re looking to purchase an e-board, look no further than the Boosted Stealth.

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