Best Longboard Backpacks for 2021

Longboarding has become an increasingly popular way to commute, especially in places with heavy pedestrian traffic. Urban metros, college campuses, active downtowns, and of course, beach boardwalks are all places we can shine as we ride. 

There are tons of benefits that come along with commuting by longboard. The smaller carbon footprint, the improvements to health & fitness, and the lower costs compared to virtually any other mode of transportation all work to make longboarding very attractive to urban commuters.

However, there are a few things to consider before diving all-in with the longboard commuting bandwagon. 

While you’ll undoubtedly enjoy zipping past the pedestrians and cyclists with minimal effort, upon arriving at your destination you are left carrying what suddenly seems to be an awkwardly large and bulky object. You had also better have some safety equipment as well. The more the better, right?

Except where in the world are you supposed to stash all of that when you’ve gotten to where you’re going? Bicycles can be chained to racks, signposts, handrails…pretty much anything, really. Leaving your longboard outside is a pretty bad idea just about anywhere, but what to do with the bloody thing once you’ve hefted it indoors?

The solution: longboard backpacks

Longboard backpacks (technically, skating backpacks) all feature dual horizontal straps that allow you to easily lash your longboard to the outer face of your backpack. This also provides several compartments for stashing safety gear, bringing along a change of clothes, bringing along a laptop, and whatever else you might need to carry while you ride.

While some manufacturers market their backpacks directly to longboarding customers, high-quality backpacks for skateboarding and snowboarding can also be used to carry a longboard – without needing to change a thing.

A good backpack is a crucial piece of equipment for commuters and a wise investment for any longboarding enthusiast. As such, we went all out on this one and reviewed fifteen of the most versatile and well-reviewed longboard backpacks on the market. 

Top-dollar, top-shelf, and bang for the buck – this is the only list you need to find the perfect backpack to carry your longboard, skateboard, snowboard, or whatever.

The Top 5 Longboarding Backpacks 

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[1] Dakine Mission 25L Snow Backpack by Elias Elhardt Check Price Standout signature design; top-shelf quality
[2] Dakine Mission Longboard Backpack Check Price Wide variety of options; comfortable straps
[3] Vans OFF THE WALL Planned Pack 3 Longboard Backpack Check Price Vintage design; proven durability
[4] Burton Kilo 2.0 Longboard Backpack Check Price Variety of design options; generous 27L capacity
[5] Vans Skates Skateboard Backpack Check Price Ideal if you’re looking for a smaller bag; throwback design

[1] Dakine Mission 25L Snow Backpack by Elias Elhardt 

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About this item

– Padded laptop sleeve

– Fits most 15″ laptops

– Vertical board carry straps

– Fleece lined padded iPad sleeve

– Fleece lined sunglass or goggle pocket

The first backpack we’re looking at is the Team Mission Elias Elhardt signature design, manufactured by Dakine

Dakine is a well known brand of premium accessories for surfer, skater, and snowboarder subcultures, and were owned by Billabong at one point. Elias Elhardt is a professional snowboarder with an illustrious and prolific career in the sport.

As such, this bag is technically a snowboarding backpack. This being said, understand that it will hold your longboard just as securely as any other pack on the market. This particular design features a durable outer shell with fleece-lined pockets that provide an extra soft layer of impact protection for items within.

The fabric of the outer shell also features a decorative pattern that is reminiscent of the art created by tribes of Native Americans living in the western United States, such as the hopi, Navajo, and Oneida. The vertical shoulder straps are nice and wide, as well as filled with plenty of firm cushion. There is a sternum clip for extra stability during physical activity (like pushing a longboard) that uses a traditional plastic male/female snap buckle. 

The same method is used to secure the deck, via the two horizontal straps running across the outer shell. This is a very deliberate design choice, as the inclement weather and moisture can have adverse effects on even the best velcro. The inclusion of this fastener allows the longboarder (or snowboarder) to cinch the straps snugly, and quickly release  them – even in wet and freezing conditions.

While it may be more than most people need, this backpack will serve both you and your longboard for years – even in poor conditions. If you are looking for the best, this is about as top shelf as it gets.

[2] Dakine Mission Longboard Backpack 

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About this item

– More days on the mountain and more days in the water

– Protection from the elements

– Environmentally friendlier materials

– Durability the number one priority

– Lived, tested and improved

This is the foundation upon which the previous backpack was conceived. Dakine’s Mission backpack is already iconic amongst longboarders, skateboarders, snowboarders, and the like for its durability and high quality construction.

The Mission comes in a diverse variety of colors and sizes, with the disparity in sizes reflecting somewhat strongly in the pricing. The 25L sized bag is the higher end of the scale and also the standard product, in most cases. However, smaller sizes are available for some color schemes, which can lower the price dramatically.

Structurally, each Mission backpack offers functionality similar to the aforementioned Signature model. The biggest and most obvious difference is that each color option doesn’t offer every premium offering, such as plush fleece-lined pouches. 

The Mission backpack is a top-shelf offering that offers enough design variety in its product line to allow consumers to be picky about the features they want and need.

[3] Vans OFF THE WALL Planned Pack 3 Longboard Backpack 

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About this item

– Large main compartment with laptop sleeve

– 2 side pockets with zippers for storage

– 2 adjustable front straps for carrying skateboard

– 3 zippered front compartments for extra storage

– Adjustable padded backpack straps

The Vans OFF THE WALL backpack is a vintage design that will be quite nostalgic for anyone that grew up through the 90’s. The design features a soft outer shell made from a durable, weather-resistant polyester. The contact portion of the pack is amply padded and reinforced with stitching throughout.

Perhaps the most notable (and popular!) feature of the OFF THE WALL backpack is the number of pockets subtly positioned throughout its design. The large main pocket is divided into two via a padded laptop sleeve, and the two zippered side pockets are non-intrusive. Meaning they don’t jut out like wings like some other packs, mostly owing to the soft, “broken-in” feel of this bag.

Ultimately, this is a durable bag with a timeless look and feel. Its twin horizontal straps utilize a generous strip of velcro to fasten any deck securely to the outer shell, and it does so with a genuinely unisex theme that is perfect for everday use by any individual, anywhere. 

[4] Burton Kilo 2.0 Longboard Backpack 

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About this item

– 100% Polyester

– Imported

– Gray Heather Colorway: bluesign Approved 300D Polyester with PU Backing / bluesign Approved –   600D Polyester with PU Backing

– True Black Colorway: bluesign Approved 600D Polyester with PU Backing

– Dimensions: 19.3in x 11in x 7in / 49cm x 28cm x 18cm

– Padded Laptop Compartment [17.75in X 10.5in X 1in] [45cm X 27cm X 2.5cm]

– Tablet Sleeve [11.5cm X 10.5cm] [29cm X 27cm]

Our next pack is another snowboarding favorite – with snowboard deck costs starting out at twice what a complete longboard setup costs, the accessory side of the snowboarding industry has pushed the quality envelope a touch harder than the skating side.

Luckily, the bag doesn’t care what kind of deck you strap to it. 

The Burton Snowboard Co. has been around since the 1970s, and has been a pioneer in transforming that recreational hobby into the professional sporting event that we know today. They have also been a pioneer in the movement for sustainable textile practices in the global industry, and their products are all bluesign certified.

In case you’re not familiar, Bluesign is a solutions-provider and consultancy service that guides multinational textile manufacturers towards implementing responsible and sustainable methods and practices.

In their own words:

“BLUESIGN is a holistic system that provides solutions in sustainable processing and manufacturing to industries and brands. Based on strict criteria, auxiliary material and services are developed to support the company specifically in its sustainable development. As an independent authority, BLUESIGN checks the progress that a company has made in this effort, provides continual further development of solutions and continuously optimizes its criteria.”

Burton is one among over 600 companies that have joined the pledge of sustainability, and it is an integral part of their company mission and brand identity.

One thing about a company with leadership strong enough to steer it in such a way is that you can count on them to set high quality standards and keep the bar there. When principles are that strong, compromise for the sake of profit is a rarity.

Once again, this is a bonus for longboarders, who get to indulge in Burton’s huge lineup of assorted colors and designs. Every one of which is assuredly built to the highest standards with the finest components, even without Bluesign certification. The Burton name is highly regarded in snowboarding circles and this is one accessory that deserves a look from longboarders and skateboarders alike.

The Kilo 2.0 comes out swinging at the competition with an ample 27L main pouch, which is an 8% improvement over Dakine’s Mission backpack. Additionally, every inch of exterior shell is lined with a polyurethane layer that provides a noteworthy level of weather-resistance. This is again evident in the snap-buckle horizontal webbing that remains functional in wet and icy conditions, and should provide all longboarders with more than enough protection for their stowaways.

Burton’s Kilo 2.0, like Dakine’s premium Signature Mission pack, has lined the main pouches with a soft fleece liner. This is a subtle touch that provides a beneficial extra layer of insulation against temperature and impact alike. The only drawback to having fleece might come into play in beach environments, where sand has a way of getting into everything.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line longboard backpack that can endure life in the mountains or other extreme wet/cold scenarios, look no further. The Kilo 2.0 is it. 

[5]Vans Skates Skateboard Backpack 

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About this item

– Perfect for school, travel or hiking

– Lots of space for your laptop, books or gear

– This skatepack can fit all your needs

– Double straps for your skateboard

– Strong, rugged, durable and stylish

This could be considered a “base model” of the previously mentioned Vans Off The Wall product. 

The shoulder straps don’t seem to be as well-cushioned as most other packs on the market, though this may be an intentional design choice to keep in line with the compact feel of the overall piece.

As such, this option is ideal for those looking for a minimalist backpack to accommodate their longboard and safety gear without need for a bulky monstrosity of a pack. In the effort to provide the customer with as much benefit and versatility as can be fit into the product, they may sometimes neglect to consider the smaller consumers. 

The pseudo-retro design that Vans has employed is tried and true, and the end result is always a highly-functional and durable product. Think of Vans as the Volvo of skating accessories – they might not always be the prettiest thing on the lot, but they’ve been one of the best at getting the job done since the job started.

The Mid-Tier Longboarding Backpacks 

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[6] 187 Killer Pads Standard Issue Backpack w/ Longboard Straps Check Price Abrasion-resistant fabric used in outer shell
[7] Baagl Mint Green w/ Lavender Accent Longboard Backpack Check Price Highly reflective logo is ideal for night riders; durable construction
[8] Adidas Kelton Longboard Backpack Check Price Adidas branded styling; extra-reinforced padding on shoulder straps
[9] Dakine Atlas Longboard Backpack Check Price Color used in “Pine Cone” design scheme; generous side pockets
[10] Oakley Men’s Street Skate Backpack Check Price Ample extra padding where the pack rests on the back; healthy 18” drop for those that wear it low

[6] 187 Killer Pads Standard Issue Backpack w/ Longboard Straps 

Check Price

Easy access top stash pocket

Neoprene laptop pocket

Elastic mesh water bottle pocket

Ballistic abrasion-resistant 1000D fabric

Heavy-duty zippers and custom logo pulls- Integrated double-layer carry handle

187 Killer Pads has built their 20+ year reputation on being tough.

All of their bag designs include an abrasion resistant 1000 Denier polyester that is itself well-reputed for durability and abrasion resistance. 

The 187 Killer Pads is available in three color options:

– Black

– Charcoal Camo

– Rainbow

The only foreseeable negative with this bag actually stems from its strongest feature. Like a modern suitcase or other piece of durable-quality luggage, this backpack is crafted from a coated Denier polyester that is slightly stiff, yet highly malleable. Our point is that if the backpack is completely empty and one were to strap a longboard to the outside of it, the walls of the pack may fold in awkwardly, at least until broken in.

Therefore, we’re going to reccomend this first to those longboarders who like to carry more things with them than the rest, particularly clothing like hoodies or such. After that, anyone looking for an incredibly durable longboard or skateboard backpack should give it a look.

[7] Baagl Mint Green w/ Lavender Accent Longboard Backpack 

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About this item:

DESIGNED FOR KIDS – Ergonomic school backpack with three separate compartments, internal organizer and padded notebook compartment for laptops up to 15 ’’. Side pockets offer enough space for a water bottle

ERGONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE – Anatomically padded back side prevents back pain problems of your children. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps and chest strap for support the optimal posture of the body

SECURITY FIRST – Equipped with reflective logo and other elements for increased security in the dark or at night.

SKATEBOARD COMPATIBLE – There are two straps on the front pocket of the backpack for attaching a skateboard. The daypack is ideal for everyday use.

LIGHT AND ROBUST – Dimensions approx. 17×11.5×8 inches, Material: water resistant polyester, weight 1.9 lbs, load 15.5 lbs, volume: 25 litres

Full disclosure, this backpack made our longboarding pack list on its looks alone. The second we saw it, it made the list – even if we ended up having to tell you all sorts of terrible things about it.

Fortunately, that is hardly the case. A closer look at this pack reveals a high level of craftsmanship, as well as thoughtful design choices. Take for example, the ergonomic shoulder straps, complete with sternum strap, that look every bit as cushioned as they feel. In addition, the handle on the top of the pack seems designed by a travelling parent well-accustomed to having to shepherd their child via this handle.

The same is true with the phosphorescent logo splashed across the outer face of the pack. While completely non-obtrusive during daylight (due to the color theme), at night it becomes a reflective surface that is highly visible to headlights or flashlights. There are other dark neutral color options available featuring the same reflective logo, though in our opinion the options with color are their best-looking. 

It is refreshing to see a product that is not only splashed with color to appeal to a younger generation of skaters, but is designed to bring them genuine benefit as such. These longboarding backpacks are perfect for preteen, teen, and smaller young adults looking for a stylish and durable bag with built-in safety. 

[8] Adidas Kelton Longboard Backpack 

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About this item:

– 100% Polyester

– Imported

– Zipper closure

Gently wash by hand. Do not bleach. Line dry

– Lifetime warranty – built to last

– 2 front panel skate straps for easy mobility

– Dual water bottle pockets with 3-stripe branding to elevate style

– Lined 15.4 inches computer pocket and internal mesh zippered organization

– Foam padded shoulder straps and back panel for extra comfort and support

This next review is for the Adidas Kelton, another longboarding backpack that doubles as an everyday-carry bag as well. The thing that makes the Kelton different, at least from a design and aesthetic perspective, is that it feels like a gym duffel as opposed to a bookbag or metro-inspired laptop bag. 

The black polyester with the smart Adidas logo running up the sides will fit right in with any campus or locker room scenario, yet the “sport” vibe is still subtle enough to remain non-obtrusive in more professional environments. 

The padding of the shoulder straps provides a generous amount of cushion, as does the reinforced padding that rests against the back. The absence of a sternum strap seems like a huge miss with a sport-themed skating backpack that would mostly appeal to more aggressive riders; moreso coming from a brand with the history of Adidas.

In more ways than one, this bag is simply an Adidas branded backpack with the addition of deck retention straps. If you are a fan of the Adidas brand and engage in longboarding, skateboarding, or snowboarding, give this bag a look, as it will be right up your alley. If you’re more interested in bang-for-buck than licensed branding, you will likely find more features and benefits in other bags with identical pricing.

[9] Dakine Atlas Longboard Backpack 

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About this item:

– Imported

– Zipper closure

– 15″ shoulder drop

– Non-padded laptop sleeve that fits most 15″ laptops

– Fleece lined sunglass pocket and zippered side pockets

– Skateboard carry straps

– Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 1. 5″

– Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Dakine Atlas skating pack is available in two color options – Pine Cones, which is targeted towards men, and the Rincon, respectively aimed at women. Practically speaking, neither color scheme is decidedly masculine or feminine, and either style variation could be considered unisex.

Dakine opted to use waxed nylon over the more traditional favorite for skating backpacks, polyester. This is likely a cost-saving measure on their part, as the waxed nylon offers water-resistance comparable to much more expensive Denier polyesters. The principal reason that manufacturers favor polyester is due to nylon’s water-wicking characteristics, which the wax coating negates.

The result is a good-looking bag that looks like it belongs outdoors. The fleece-lined pockets are always preferred for expensive sunglasses, goggles, and phones, and the roomy 25L main pouch will accommodate most everything a longboarder might want to take on their session. The laptop sleeve is non-padded, so consider an aftermarket insert or using soft carry-ons such as clothing to help negate impacts to electronics.

There is no sternum strap included on the shoulder straps, which seem to be minimally padded. With the generous 15” of shoulder strap drop, it is likely a deliberate design choice in line with the intended manner of wearing the pack hung low. This is a trend seen more in skateboarding circles, however, as the shorter board won’t interfere with walking while strapped the way a longboard can if carried the same way.

Our final verdict for the Dakine Atlas is that for it to be Dakine’s mid-level offering, it demonstrates a remarkably high-level of quality similar to what is seen in the top-tier products. The most notable difference doesn’t come as a hit to quality or aesthetic design, but instead through a strategic choice of materials that will remain indistinguishable to most consumers. Only by way of extended and unnatural abuse of the nylon’s wax coating could one begin to discern how this skating backpack differs from those costing up to twice as much.

[10] Oakley Men’s Street Skate Backpack 

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About this item:

– 93% Polyester/7% Polyurethane

– Imported

– Polyester lining

– Zipper closure

18″ shoulder drop

Machine Wash

– Pockets: 2 slip, 1 zip, 4 exterior

From the “bookbag-ish” Pixel to the more durable feeling Core Camo, Oakley covers the spectrum with their lineup. Still, we can’t help feeling like the manufacturer could have fared better by simply adding a skate strap option to their already successful Blade 30 backpack. Realizing the need for abrasion-resistance, the same modification to the Enduro 25L model could have accomplished the same result and been more competitive. 

Ultimately, the Oakley Men’s Street Skate is another licensed brand entry that will resonate most strongly with it’s loyal supporters. In that event, the backpack does what it claims to do, although the design themes are far more gender-neutral than the naming implies. It is more likely used to distinguish against products internally, as opposed to attempting to outdo the competition.

On the subject of competition, this backpack feels like an underdog compared to some of the other backpacks out there. For us, this is likely due to the deep roots Oakley has in the community and culture of surfing. Longboarding itself shares these surfing roots, and making such an obviously unremarkable attempt at designing such a critical longboarding accessory feels like a huge missed opportunity to establish a legitimate presence in the longboarding market.

Then again, we’re not on the board at Oakley, so who knows what they have dreamed up? All we know is that compared to other longboarding backpacks on the market, a product pool which draws from other market niches as well, this one feels the most like an everyday carry bag with some velcro straps sewn to the front. Oh yeah, it has the Oakley logo on it too.

In that respect, the Oakley Men’s Street Skate is completely adequate, but if you continue reading our Economy-Tier reviews you will see how much of the costs, in this case, are due to licensing. 

Being machine washable is a notable benefit over some other bags, and the polyester lining is as delicate a touch as fleece, albeit less impact-resistant. The strongest features of the pack are the extra-low 18” shoulder drop and the reinforced padding through the shoulder pads and back padding.

In short, if you’re an Oakley fan you will want to add your favorite variation of this pack to your collection. Consider it more of a branded accessory, chosen the way one chooses a hat to match their shoes. 

The Economy-Tier Longboarding Backpacks 

Make Shop What we like
[11] Veevanpro Insulated Cooler Longboard Backpack Check Price Keeps our beverages frosty cold; designed to carry weight – extra reinforced/padded
[12] Fuel Pro Skater Backpack Check Price Suitability for everyday use; affordable cost
[13] Eastsport New Double Strap Skater Multipurpose Backpack Check Price Variety of designs available at an affordable price
[14] Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack with High Density Padded Straps Check Price Deceptively high quality relative to the price; contoured design
[15] Dakine Wonder Backpack Check Price Remarkably versatile daypack; Ideal for those wanting a smaller pack

[11] Veevanpro Insulated Cooler Longboard Backpack 

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About this item:

– Cooler backpack is made of leakproof PEVA heat pressed liner inside, designed to keep food and drinks fresh or cold up to 16 hours (with freeze pack); 

Dimensions: 16.5” x 11.8” x 7” / 42 x 30 x 6.2 cm

– Weight: 1 lbs/ 0.67 kg; 

Approx. Volume: 18 L/ 1220.47 cu in

– Backpack cooler has 2 adjustable board velcro straps to carry vertical board/skateboard or any suitable equipment; 

Strap length: 42cm/ 16.5 inch

– Skateboard backpack built with 1 large main anti-leaking compartment holds up to 24 cans (330ml); 1 top zip pocket with soft fabric inside to store sunglasses; 1 front D-shaped zipper pocket for outdoor essential; 2 side mesh pockets for umbrella; 1 back zip padded compartment fits 13 inches laptop and iPad; 1 beer opener on the strap;

– Backpack coolers insulated leak proof has padded back panel for comfort, breathable, adjustable padded air-mesh shoulder straps relieve weight and stress on the shoulders;

– Large cooler backpack is multifunctional for hiking, camping, boating, fishing, hunting, lunch, picnic, weekend out, gym, backpacking, travel, trail, cycling and other outdoor activities; carry cooler bag is suitable for women, men, teenagers, adults

Next up comes a skating backpack with the principal design consideration being the ability to keep food or beverages cold while travelling.

First, let’s look at the pack’s potential shortcomings. Afterward we will take a closer look at some of the benefits that make this unique offering stand out.

Right away, we can see this skating backpack isn’t the best option for anyone toting a laptop around with them. The bag accommodates up to a 13” laptop only, meaning anything more substantial than a tablet or a chromebook isn’t going to fit the designated laptop pouch. That pouch itself is another questionable feature, as the laptop is intended to slip in a side-zippered pouch located behind the back cushion. While there seems to be ample padding between the pouch and the back of the person wearing the pack, it seems more of an afterthought than a part of the intended plan.

Moving on, then, to where this skating backpack shines. Within the context of its intended purpose of being a back-wearable insulated cooler for skaters/snowboarders, it accomplishes the job marvelously. Whether you are longboarding, skateboarding, or snowboarding to a special picnic spot or just planning a session so long that packing a lunch is necessary, the VeevanPro backpack will ensure your food and drink stays fresh and cold.

This means it could still be of benefit to commuters, so long as they don’t need to carry a standard-size laptop on their commute. The option to carry fresh or frozen food for lunch at work has risen in appeal in light of more people eating more responsibly. 

The padded and reinforced shoulder straps include a sternum strap, the value of which will become apparent with a fully loaded cooler on your back. The main pouch is an independent and leak-proof container, and the bottom of the pack is double-reinforced with moisture barrier material to prevent condensation leaking through the pack.

Like all insulated containers, this skating backpack is multipurpose in the sense that the features intended to keep moisture in will also keep it out. This means if you did put a larger laptop in the main pouch, along with clothing or other electronics, perhaps, it would all be well protected from exterior moisture as well.

Ultimately, while this might not be the best choice for an everyday carry bag, it might be worth having around for those who commute to work by longboard or anyone with a session destination worth picnicking at. Additionally, campers and hikers will find it beneficial as well, even beyond it’s moisture-resistant properties, given that the exterior deck straps can accommodate a wide number of useful off-label uses.

[12] Fuel Pro Skater Backpack 

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About this item:

– Zipper closure

– Spacious main zip compartment with interior padded tech sleeve (Fits Most 15” Laptops); Durable water resistant polyester material and construction

– Adjustable front dual straps to carry vertical board, skateboard or any other suitable equipment;

– Easy glide zippers with leather like pullers; Front two lash-tabs for key attachments

– Ergonomically designed lumber support padded Back and adjustable padded shoulder straps;

– Comfortable top handle; Reinforced and durable bottom panel

– Two side zip pockets for comfort or hydration on the go;

– Interchangeable patch panel measures 1.5 by 2.5 Inches comes with our Fuel Logo (additional patches are not included)

– MSRP $50; Limited Lifetime Guarantee; 

Dimensions: 18” by 11.5” by 7“

The Fuel Pro Skater Backpack comes in two color schemes, Black & White Ripstop and Navy Camo. Each could be considered unisex, although the Navy Camo would probably be considered more masculine by most. 

The shoulder pads do not feature a sternum strap, and despite being generously cushioned they are not reinforced with any extra stitching. Another point in this regard is the inclusion of mesh fiber between the bottom of the backplate cushion and the bottom of the pack. Considered together, these two features raise questions of durability; abrasion and wear-resistance in particular.

The two horizontal straps intended for deck retention use Velcro to accomplish their goal, and do offer a measure of adjustability via a sliding buckle. The Fuel branded logo is also a Velcro patch – a unique and interesting feature that allows the pack owner some flexibility in being distinct by easily swapping out patches (no additional patches are included).

The main compartment will accommodate a standard 15” laptop, along with a practical assortment of other items such as binders or notebooks. While there is not a separate pouch designated for a laptop, the pack does include a padded laptop sleeve that works as a divider as well as offering some scratch and impact resistance.

Ultimately, this bag is adequate for casual use and the occasional skating session, but if you’re looking for an everyday carry, you might want to compare it against some others first.

[13] Eastsport New Double Strap Skater Multipurpose Backpack 

Check Price

About this item:

– Oversized Main Zip Compartment; Interior Tech Pocket (Fits Most 15” Laptops); Multiple Front Zip Pockets

– Durable Dual Front Velcro Straps for Skateboard; Ergonomically Designed Lumber Support Padded Back

– Side Mesh Hydration Pockets with Elastic; Top Fleece Lined Small Zip Pocket; Easy Glide Zippers With Plastic Pullers

– Comfort Rubberized Top Handle; Ultra Padded Adjustable Shoulder Straps; Durable Polyester Material and Construction

– MSRP $50; Limited Lifetime Guarantee; 

Dimensions: 18″ by 12″ by 7″

Eastsport has been making backpacks for a long time, and they have the game pretty well figured out. For us, this translates into pretty much the best quality pack available in the price tier. 

In short, Bang for the Buck.

The Skater Multipurpose from Eastsport comes in 16 different color schemes, a few of them being fairly “loud” options but the majority being neutral shades of black or grey. Each color scheme option changes more than the color – the straps, zipper grabs, and even the material transitions between options.

For this reason, consider everything carefully once you’ve decided on a color. Changes in fabric appear to be within the confines of relevant polyester blends, meaning all options will provide polyester’s inherent water-resistance, abrasion resistance, and lightweight properties.

The “About this item” snippet above comes from the vendor, and the listed features appear to be included in every option as well. In other words, Eastsport has wisely kept the fundamental design integrity across the spread of options. Choosing one then is merely a matter of color and texture.

Regarding the design and pocket layout, the Eastsport Skater Multipurpose backpack is comparable to several of the higher-priced products we’ve seen. A generous main compartment stands alone, with a separate internal pocket devoted for the standard 15” laptop. There are two zippered pockets on the front face of the bag, the top one of which is fleece lined – ideal for carrying mobile phones, sunglasses, or tablets safely.

The shoulder straps themselves are nothing special; generously cushioned but no reinforced stitching. There is a sternum strap, however, which is a more valuable feature when longboarding or skating than many of the mid-tier backpack manufacturers seem to realize. The horizontal deck straps are again, the standard Velcro, but their positioning on the pack itself seems to have a longer spread. If so, this would add stability while carrying the deck strapped to the pack.

Another feature that many don’t realize is helpful until they’ve had to carry a heavy bag with a longboard strapped to it by the carrying handle. The inclusion of an ergonomic plastic handle is a welcome touch compared to the cheaper, simple straps that cut into the hand.

Overall, the Eastsport Skater Multipurpose is an affordable longboarding backpack that does justice to the product. It offers several features normally reserved for more premium models, such as a sternum strap, fleece-lining, and an isolated laptop compartment, without raising the price dramatically. While under normal circumstances this might be suspect, the legitimacy of the Eastsport brand and positive reputation of the manufacturer make this a solid addition to any longboarder’s inventory.

[14] Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack with High Density Padded Straps 

Check Price

About this item:

– Polyester

– Zipper closure

– Oversized Main Zip Compartment; Interior Tech Pocket (Fits Most 15” Laptops); Multiple Front Zip Pockets

– Dual Front Velcro Straps for Skateboard; Ergonomically Designed High Density Foam Back

– Side Mesh Hydration Pockets with Elastic; Top Fleece Lined Small Zip Pocket; Easy Glide Zippers With Plastic Pullers

– Comfort Rubberized Top Handle; Ultra Padded Shoulder Straps- Panel; Durable Polyester Construction

– MSRP $50; Limited Lifetime Guarantee; 

Dimensions: 19″ by 13″ by 8.5″

This Eastsport alternative to the previous product is a slightly larger model that, at a glance, appears similar to the previous product. There are, however, a number of key differences we noticed that may be of importance to anyone on the fence between these two skating backpacks.

The first and most glaring difference is in the deck retention straps. The Skater Multipurpose, which we covered above, features Velcro straps that are adjustable via a slide buckle, or friction retention buckle. The Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack, which is discussed here, features straps that are permanently affixed to either side that lay over the deck and fasten via Velcro.

For skateboard, longboard, and snowboard decks, this won’t matter much in most cases. There are those, however, that enjoy using these packs for other, “off-label” uses such as hiking, camping, etc. due to the utility and practical benefits that the deck straps can provide to any pack. 

This group will be hit by this feature’s design more than the rest, but it is still something that longboarders and skaters should look at and consider.

Aside from the already mentioned larger overall dimensions, this skating backpack also utilizes high-density foam in its shoulder straps. While the aforementioned bag may have as well, it wasn’t overtly stated so it wasn’t considered. In this case, it is stated outright, meaning that these shoulder straps will avoid the compression that makes other straps grow more uncomfortable over time.

The final glaring difference we’re going to look at is the difference in how many color scheme options are available. While the previous entry had 16, this product comes in only two varieties: Black or Black/White. While the black is a neutral black polyester with a medium-coarse texture that will fit into any professional setting, the Black/White features an assortment of black, white, and grey geometric rectangle shapes in abstract arrangement. While not unprofessional by any means, the latter option is certainly the more noticeable and distinct of the two.

In summary, this bag is similar to the newer Skater Multipurpose in some ways, yet different in others. If you like one or the other, do yourself the favor of checking them both out. You may find that one has a feature that is of more benefit than the other. Either way you go, a bag of this quality at this price won’t be something you regret adding to your skating equipment.

[15] Dakine Wonder Backpack 

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About this item:

– 100% Nylon

– Imported

– Pockets: 2 slip

– Capacity: 15 Liters

– Item Weight : 13 Ounces

– Product Dimensions : 19 x 16 x 1 inches; 

– Product Weight: 13 Ounces

The Dakine Wonder is a smaller variant of their other products that might actually be more popular with non-skaters than it is with skaters and longboarders. The smaller size and generous options for securing items to the outside of the pack has made it popular with hikers, campers, military, search and rescue operators, and all sorts of other “outdoor operators” that value a premium-quality daypack.

The same features that make so many professional operators fall in love with this bag are the same ones that make it an ideal everyday carry pack. Reinforced shoulder-straps, elastic compression cordage, adjustable snap-buckle deck straps, and a low-mounted waist strap all come together in a beautifully crafted backpack that looks as good as it works.

The Wonder brings everything you expect from a skating backpack with the Dakine name on it; water and abrasion resistance, durability, and ten color schemes ranging from neutral to confident to bold. 

This isn’t a backpack intended for laptops and picnics. This is essentially a longboarder’s daypack. 

Ok, a skater’s daypack too. The point is, like the other Dakine products we covered above, if you longboard, skate, snowboard, or whatever and need a tough pack that you can use to carry essentials in session and stow your board for easier carrying out-of-session, you’ve got one. This one is just more compact than it’s bigger siblings, making it more ideal for smaller riders, or perhaps smaller gear inventories.

Longboarding Backpack vs. a “Regular” Backpack

One of the first (and most logical) questions that longboarders arrive at is “How can I carry my longboard with my backpack?” There are hacks out there to accommodate. One such “hack” involves simply cradling the board horizontally in the small of the back across the bottom of the shoulder straps – the first time you forget and attempt to walk through a door, however, you will realize its shortcomings.

No, the best way to carry any board, but most especially a longboard, is vertically. 

Whether you are looking to commute via longboard or you have developed enough confidence in riding that keeping the longboard within reach is beneficial, investing in a proper skating backpack is your best bet.

That being said, there are not only a plethora of options out there, but a significant disparity in cost as well. How do you know which backpack to get? Does paying more translate into a superior product, or are you paying for a name alone?

These kinds of questions might not occur to the longboarder who has had their nose to the grindstone throughout the learning process of “becoming a longboarder.” However, there are plenty of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all sorts of other generous folk that know someone that is enthusiastic about longboarding. 

These kind and generous individuals often struggle with what to get the longboard enthusiast as a gift, maybe for their birthday, Christmas, or maybe just a token of their love. Knowing that you have a passion for longboarding doesn’t help someone who knows nothing about the sport. 

A backpack, by itself, very quickly becomes a necessary piece of equipment for any longboard rider. Carrying bulky objects like keys or phones in a hip pocket is not only uncomfortable, but can potentially make a fall more dangerous. 

Backpacks specifically designed to carry boards, whether it be skateboards, longboards, or snowboards, will feature two straps that run horizontally across the top and bottom of the outside of the pack. These straps are designed to snugly hold the deck against the outside of the pack, vertically, making it super-easy to carry your longboard everywhere you go.

How to Properly Attach a Longboard to a Backpack

Most packs utilize velcro straps, making the securing and releasing of your board a breeze.

The best way to attach the deck to the backpack is to lay the pack down, with the shoulder-strap side against the floor or ground. Open both deck straps entirely, and lay the longboard on the backpack vertically, or parallel to the pack – wheels pointing up. Make sure the board is flat and centered before snugly re-fastening the straps. Most people strap the board with the wheels pointing out to avoid them hitting you in the back of the head or getting long hair tangled in them, but it’s honestly a matter of personal preference.

That’s it! Pick up the pack and put it on; just remember that the higher on your back you carry it, the more comfortable it will be with the extra weight of the longboard added to it. The straps needn’t be super tight, because the trucks won’t let the board fall through. If they are too loose, however, the longboard may shift around and become lopsided, making for uncomfortable walking. If this happens, simply take off the pack and readjust as described above.

Well, there you have it everyone! The top fifteen skating backpacks of 2020 reviewed to help you make the most informed decision possible. We hope you found this review helpful in picking the right longboarding backpack. Take a moment to check out some of our other great longboarding articles, and as always, thanks for reading!

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